Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Fat Files: The Other Files

I hope you are enjoying this challenge as much as I am! Seriously, it has been great to learn new things and develop a way to better save them for future use. I feel like I am being a better steward of my time by having this system in place...saves me from searching and researching for information I already have!

Today I’d like to branch out a little bit and talk about the other files you can build beside the virtual ones. Because really, in today’s day and age, who is going to limit themselves to some file folders? Not me!

This is a step in the challenge that you can pick and choose what works for you. If you want to just fill your literal files, go ahead! Or, find other ways to build virtual files to make this process even easier than it already is!

Here are just a few suggestions and ways to build other files:

::Pinterest:: obviously this has to be my first option. :) I have recently added new boards on Pinterest that match my 5 file topics. This is perhaps the easiest way to build files solely from internet content. I still do print off certain things, however...if it a series or something that can’t be exhausted in a single pin, or if it is something that really spoke to me that I want to be able to read again and again. If you aren’t on Pinterest and would like to be, let me know and I’ll send you an invite!

::Computer files:: here is what mine look like on my Mac:

Under “Documents” I created a folder called “5 Fat Files” (imagine that!) and inside that are 5 more folders for each of my topics.

To create a new folder, just click the button indicated by the red arrow. A drop-down menu will pop up, and the first option will be “create new folder.” Easy-peasy.

In these folders I can put web archives, pictures, or anything I type up online. You can also copy and paste content from a site in to a Word document and save it in these folders. Just be sure to include the url from the site so you don’t forget where you got it! I used to do this a lot before Pinterest made my life easier. :)

::Bookmarked Folders:: This is going to be different in whatever browser you use, but right now I use Firefox, and this is how it works:

Just right-click on the bookmarks bar at the top of the page. This menu will pop up:

Click on new folder. Now this window will come up:

Type in the name for your bookmark and click "add." Do this for any folders you want to create.

Then your folders will be nicely displayed at the top of your browser window:

To add a web page to the folder, just click on the url and drag it down to the folder and drop it in. I do this a lot, too!

::Email folders:: Again, this will look different depending on what email provider you have, but if you are smart use Gmail, this is what it looks like:

In the right sidebar of your gmail is a list of all the folders you have. Actually, they are called "labels" but basically they are folders that your emails can be sorted into. Click on "create new label" at the bottom...

Enter your new lables name. I called mine....wait for it....5 Fat Files.

Once you create that label, go back and create the ones for your actual files, nesting them under the main label of 5 Fat File.

Having these 5 email folders will be a big help if you subscribe to any websites having to do with your files and receive regular email updates. If one of your files is on "couponing" or something similar, this type of folder is almost a must!

Those are the other folders I thought of. I use most of these regularly to keep things organized anyway, but adding those spots specifically for my 5 files is a must. The bonus is the nice, organized feeling you have when its all said and done. Pat yourself on the back! :)

Stay tuned in...tomorrow we'll hear from another guest blogger that I am sure you won't want to miss! (anyone want to save some moolah?)

For now, chime in with your thoughts about this project. How are you doing with your files? Which of these "other" files are you going to implement into your system? What other files can you think of that I missed?


  1. Those are good ideas!
    I have considered using Pinterest, but I already have a lot of things bookmarked and printed out that I want to do/make that it just seems like it might make my problem worse! :)
    I used to have a "Downloads" folder on my computer, and I would just put everything in there. And I had a "Meadow's Stuff" folder to put everything else in. I couldn't find anything!! So I started "filing" things and putting them away into folders, now I can find whatever I want! I love it!
    About a year ago I started using Firefox folders, and it makes a HUGE difference!

    I don't use email much right now, but I will be next year so I have been on the lookout for good ideas on how to organize emails.


    1. Well let me know if you decide to use Pinterest! (I wrote a little about it here if you want to check it out:

      It is so nice to have stuff organized, my whole computer is files within files within files! I don't know what email you have, but Gmail does make it pretty easy to organize stuff. Each day when I check my email I can quickly go through and file stuff away or delete it. It is so nice to be organized!


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