Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Packing List

I really hate the “I left something behind” feeling that comes whenever we’re pulling out of the driveway for a vacation. I’m usually pretty good about remembering *almost* everything, but there are a few things that are easy to forget. Here is a list (not at all inspired by last weeks vacation or anything) of things that are easy to forget when packing.

10. Shampoo (gets left in the shower)

9. Razor (ditto)

8. Toothbrush

7. Slip (or if I do grab one, it doesn’t “work” with what I brought to wear)

6. Camera batteries

5. Alarm clock

4. Nail file/clippers

3. Belt

2. Appropriate accessories, such as necklaces

1. Passport! (Didn’t forget this this time, thankfully!)

What do you usually leave behind when packing?


  1. I actually don't very often leave anything behind, but that is because I have always made a list DAYS in advance. Lists are fun!!
    The first time that I went to camp I took the list of things that they said to bring, and I modified it into a personalized list. It was very detailed! I had how many pairs of what type of socks, how many T-shirts, how many ponytail scrunchies, ...

    So ever since then I have just printed out the same list and modified it by hand for wherever I am going! It works great! and I don't forget stuff.

    Most of the time.

    However, the last year that I went to camp I printed out my list, and as always put everything in the suitcase the night before. Then I went to bed. I got up in the morning, got ready to go, grabbed my pillow, suitcase, and my backpack, and ran out the door. Everything is great!! I am on my way to camp!!
    So our youth group stops at a church in Kentucky where we spend the night before continuing on to camp in the morning. Then when I am in the basement getting ready for bed I discover that I left my combs out in the trailer, in my suitcase. So I talk to one of the ladies in charge of our youth group, and she calls her husband who is upstairs so that we can come upstairs and go outside to the trailer. I get out there, un-bury my suitcase, open it up, and look for my combs.
    And look.
    And look.
    Hmm. That is odd. I can't find them.
    Well, I can do without them tonight. So I go to bed and figure that I will just empty the suitcase out onto my bed when I to camp.
    We got to camp, I went to my room and emptied out my suitcase. It wasn't there. And then I noticed that my hairspray wasn't there.
    Oh, great.
    So I went to the camp store and bought the only type of comb that they had, one of those ultra-fine 4inch long wonders. And I bought the only type of hairspray that they had, some kind of extra-strong-hold stuff.
    And then I spent about four times longer than I usually do combing out my thick wavy hair. And I continued to do that every day for the rest of that week. And the tiniest burst of that hairspray set my hair permanently!
    Oh well, that was a lesson very well learned. Always recheck your suitcase in the morning *after* you are ready to go!!


    1. Haha, great story! That is usually how I end up forgetting things..for instance, I use my toothbrush the morning I leave, and put it back in the cabinet instead of into my suitcase!

  2. There is another way to look at it. If you are always forgetting the same thing, you can just start collecting them from the different places that you go!

    Like my sister, she never uses a list and she always remembers everything! Except to bring a nightgown. So she has one from Mexico, one from Spain... :)

    And yes, I love to tease her about it! (Hey, she is my big sister, it is my job to tease her!! ;)


  3. I like the collecting idea, although it wouldn't work very well with the item I usually forget--the camera! With 3 kids though, I find myself making a list days in advance.


    1. Lists are GREAT! I'm usually better off when I make a list...I just don't always do it!


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