Monday, June 18, 2012

Gifts and Goals for the Week

It is always interesting to look back over my goals for a week or month, and think about all the things that weren't planned that got done anyway! This last week I went to camp for a day on Monday, which was planned, and then ended up driving to Halifax again on Friday, which wasn't planned! Both days were fun, and can I just say...I really like driving in the city!

Here are the gifts I recorded on my 1,000 gifts list this week:

342. Being able to help at camp
343. Feeling needed
344. Both my church families
345. Warm sun while weeding
346. Safety while driving in the city
347. Second chances
348. Celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary
349. Walking by the ocean

My goals for last week were:

This week I am headed to Maine to attend a music conference being held at a church there. I can't wait to report back next week and let you know how it went! So my goals are pretty minimal this week, since I'll be away:

What are you going to be accomplishing this week?

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