Thursday, June 28, 2012

How I Pack - in an Organized Fashion!

I've mentioned before that I like to travel (flying is my favorite!) so whenever I go anywhere it seems to inspire travel-related posts! I've written about flying Jet Blue, some tips and stories from my flying experiences, and a list of things I often forget. :\ Today, I'd like to share how I pack!

I always try to stay fairly organized to help keep things simple and so I can find my clothes when I reach my destination, haha! Here is a shot of my suitcase nearly packed up:

Shirts are in the top left-hand corner, then clockwise is skirts, my pj's, towels and a dress rolled up there in the bottom corner. I typically do not roll my clothes, unless I'm really in a pinch to get these squeezed in!
Then after the suitcase was "full" I added these to the top:

A towel and my jacket still fit nicely on top and allowed the suitcase to zip easily.

I use the zippered mesh pocket to store my "rear-view mirror!"

It stays pretty safe and protected there, since it is surrounded by clothes! Unless you have to sit on your suitcase to close it...then, not so much. :)

My tanks, socks, and other underclothes go in the front pockets, and then everything is ready!

I like to just get all my clothes in this one small suitcase (see it compared to my dresser above?) and then do all my cosmetics and toiletries in another small duffel. Then I can just cart my duffel to the washroom to get ready, and everything is all in one place! Here are the contents of the duffel:

I use this toiletry bag from my cousin (best thing ever, I think its from Old Navy?) to keep all the small stuff in. Here is a little breakdown:

1. The toiletry bag
2. My makeup bag with all my makeup for the week
3. Small perfume bottle
4. Old Altoid tins with hair pieces and bobby pins
5. Travel-sized shampoo, body wash, deodorant, and facewash

I putt all the travel-sized stuff (love travel-sized!) in an old makeup bag that fits it all nicely. (threw my razor in here after this pict was taken, too...I realized I'd forgotten it!)

And then just threw it all in the toiletry bag! There was room for my toothbrush and paste, comb and hairbrush, too!

So nice!

I use these small envelopes to keep my jewelry from tangling:

Hi little necklace!

These find a home in the front zipper pocket of my duffel.

I also threw in this bag:

Yup, its a reuseable bag that folds up nice and tiny! I can use this for dirty laundry while I'm away!

Here is the duffel bag itself. My blowdrier, straightener, hairspray, shaving cream, and a lint roller all fit in, with the toiletry bag in one corner. Easy to find stuff in the long run!

There are my two bags packed! I love keeping it light and simple!

For this trip, I needed one other bag. I was only going to be gone 6 days (haha...I'm still here...isn't that funny) but I needed a few shoe choices. I just put all the shoes I needed in this bag:

(Ps. It is amazing what we bloggers do for the blogs sake. Ahem.)

That may or may not be my toe holding the bag open. I love how you can see one empty flip-flop.

And there is all my bags packed! I love keeping it as light and simple as I can, not taking more stuff than I need. This time I could have used a few more clothes, but who knew I'd end up staying 2 weeks?

so that is my travel post for this trip. I think I'll be staying home for a while now, so you won't have to worry about any more flying/packing/trip madness. Who else likes to stay organized while traveling? Do you have a system of packing your bags and knowing where everything is? I'd like to say mine stay this organized throughout the duration of the trip, but just take a look at my Grammie's floor right now, haha!


  1. I love how you pack!!

    No, I do not have a system. Well, other than using 1 bag that just barely has room to zip shut when I close it!
    Maybe I should use more than one bag. Or maybe I should use a bigger bag? Hmmm I will have to think about it!

    Thanks Nichole!!


    1. I love using more than one bag! It is easier than wading through one big bag the whole time I'm gone. It is a little bit easier to stay sane while living out of a suitcase, lol!


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