Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Hymns

We’re having an Old Fashioned Hymn Sing at our church tonight, so in honor of that I’m sharing 10 of my favorite Hymns. It is hard to pick just 10, but these are the ones I’d rate among the best. What about you?

10. Come Thou Fount

9. I’d Rather Have Jesus

8. Amazing Grace

7. Joy Unspeakable

6. He Arose

5. A Glorious Church

4. So Send I You

3. Wonderful Grace of Jesus

2. Victory in Jesus

1. It is Well with my Soul


  1. I Shall Know Him
    The Lily Of The Valley
    I Stand Amazed
    Send The Light
    Brethren We Have To Worship
    How Firm A Foundation
    Heavenly Sunshine
    Count Your Many Blessings
    In The Garden
    The Old Rugged Cross
    Higher Ground
    Springs Of Living Water

    And a slightly newer hymn:
    Because He Lives <----Love this one!!

    Not in any particular order, just some of my favorites that came to mind. (And a couple from my mom :)
    And that doesn't even count newer songs!


    1. Those are all great ones!

    2. Your list was great! I always like seeing other peoples favorite hymns.

      You know what I really don't get? It is when people ask "What is your favorite hymn?" Ummmm... I don't have "A" favorite. (Insert weird look from the person asking.) I can list SOME of my favorites though!

      Ditto for the question "Who is your favorite artist?" Arrgh!!

      Yes I know, the trials of people who like a lot of hymns and who can't choose a single favorite. :D



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