Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Christmas Gift Guide for Baby

Is it just me, or are baby's just the most fun to buy for out of anyone? Hopefully you have a few on your lists this year. Here are a few cute picks from some of my favourite handmade shops. Hope this sparks some ideas for you!

1. Crocheted Sock Monkey hat from  Sweet Stuff

2. Maine Onesie from Map My State (or pick any state, major city, or country!)

3. Pattern for a Onesie style Dress shirt from Mae's Joyful Noise

4. Personalized Crocheted Hat from Kraven It

5. Crochet Afghan from Kadyladyloo on Etsy

6. Appliqued Onesie from CSW Designs

7. Zebra Bow from 20 Pink Roses

Which of these items would you want your baby to own?  Let their grandparents know! ;)

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