Thursday, February 20, 2014

From the Needle of So Sew Organized

In the past couple months since Christmas, I've had several opportunities to fill custom orders through my shop. I always enjoy filling custom orders, since it forces me to think outside my normal box and try new pairings and ideas. Sometimes I like a customer's idea so well I end up incorporating it into a product for So Sew Organized.

Here are pictures of a few new things I've tried recently...

I had never used pink camo before...I like it better than I thought I would! The back of the apron is the black curly print.

This is the largest tote I have ever made - 18x18." It came out good, although I think something could have been different with the handles. Longer? Chunkier? Not time I'll try something else and see if I can hit that perfect combo.

This customer also requested another pocket inside large enough for a water bottle. I boxed the bottom of it so a water bottle would sit inside snugly. I liked how it turned out!

The aprons have been popular so far this is a recent one I did, custom ordered for an elementary teacher.

So. fun! I have to show you a close up of the ABC fabric....I love it! Hopefully the recipient does, too. :)

This computer sleeve was a custom order. I was given the measurements of the computer and created a pretty sleeve to protect it, just like the other tablet sleeves in my shop. After I finished, the customer had it monogrammed...I absolutely love how it turned out! I don't mind saying that monogramming is one of my future dreams for So Sew Organized!

In other So Sew Organized news....

I have finally, finally listed the burlap items that I've been teasing you with on Facebook. I plan to share more details soon...but you can catch a sneak peek here, and go check them out in my shop!

So I'd love to hear...if YOU could put together a custom order from So Sew Organized, what will it be? Go ahead and share...with no obligation, of course! I'd love to hear your ideas and perhaps incorporate them into a product in the future!


  1. I love all your new ideas! Monogramming is awesome...have you ever tried embroidery? I'm working on some stuff now. It just looks so pretty. Hoping to post some new items in the near future to my own store! Love it all. =0

    1. No, I never have done embroidery...but I wouldn't mind trying it sometime! I'm excited to see what all new is coming to your shop! =)

  2. OH! MY! WORD! I love your burlap bags. The color combination is gorgeous. I love how the rich blue chevron pattern combines with the creamy burlap for an up to date, sophisticated look. Probably the most beautiful bag ( in my opinion) I have seen in your shop.

    1. Thanks so much Ashley! I'm glad you like them. Remember, you could own one for yourself!! ;)

      Thanks for commenting! =)


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