Monday, July 21, 2014

Hello Busy Summer days, Hello Monday!

It is Monday, time to say hello! Hello Monday is where I say hello to the fun that was last week and the excitement that this week will bring. I'm joining the community at Lisa Leonard Designs, won't you join us?

Hello Monday.

Hello visiting with family.

Hello long, fun, busy days.

Hello surprising a friend that I haven't seen since we were teens. So fun!

Hello drinking homemade iced coffee on these nice hot days.

Hello spending money on a new dress, getting dressed up, and going to an amazing play with family.

Hello (virtually) to a new baby for my childhood best friends. It seems like just yesterday WE were the babies!

Hello to two dogsitting weekends coming up.

Hello to dreaming and planning for the future of the So Sew Organized shop.

Hello to our shop's you subscribe? I've been doing some housecleaning on this newsletter lately, and I love the direction this is taking now. Sign up here if you haven't already...I giveaway free stuff each month!

Hello bats living outside my bedroom window. (shudder)

Hello hike through the woods.

Hello to more work hours.

Hello finishing up a project for a friend.

Hello fun giveaway on the blog this week. Enter here!

Hello readers, hello to a new week! What are you saying hello to today?

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