Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Patriotic Strawberries

I had so much fun celebrating Independence Day this year! I wore lots of red, white and blue, painted my nails to match, and sang American songs. Even though I only lived out of the county for 3 years, being back gives such a sense of pride to belong to the land of the free!

We celebrated for two days, with picnics at my cousins house, movies, games, parade, and fireworks. I decided to make some of these fun Patriotic strawberries for the occassion! You may have seen these floating around Pinterest (Do you follow So Sew Organized?) and I had made them a few years back so I knew how easy they were.

And friends, they are so, so yummy! They were a big hit with adults and kids alike!! The perfect amount of sweet, juicy, crunchiness. Because that is a thing, don't you know. :)

You can make your own, too...they are super simple!

Start by washing your strawberries and picking out the best ones for dipping.

Melt your white chocolate. I put mine in a one cup glass measuring cup so it would be deep enough to dip the strawberries.

Let the bottom of the strawberry drip off might even want to scrape the tip slightly. Too much chocolate will cause a problem when you dip it in sugar.

Once your strawberry is thinly coated in chocolate, dip the tip in blue sugar. (You can purchase this in the baking section or make your own with blue food coloring.)

You will have to practice and find a technique that works for you. I find it easiest to have a little depression in the middle of the sugar, and then gently pat each side of the strawberry in the sugar. You have to be quick though...the longer you stay on this step, the more likely you are to have drippy, blue chocolate. :)

Lay your completed strawberry on waxed paper. Chill them in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve!

You could totally change this up for different occasions. Canadians, use red sugar instead of blue! At Christmas, use green sugar!! Use different colours for a party, rainbow effect. These are just SO good, you are going to want them for every occasion.

I made up a large box of strawberries (I think it might have been 2 quarts but I'm not really sure??) and it took me, maybe an hour? It is a little bit time-consuming but so totally worth the effort. That many strawberries seemed to be a good amount for the 20-ish people that celebrated with us.

Let me know if you try them!! What fun foods did you make or eat for the Fourth of July?

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  1. so pretty! My son LOVES chocolate covered strawberries but I haven't tried white chocolate yet....I will now!!

    1. Thanks Susen! These are super, super yummy, and I personally love the crunch the sugar gives! You could change the colors up for your son or even color the white chocolate if you wanted. Enjoy! :)

  2. I love these! Pinned. Thanks again, for being a part of our party. Lou Lou Girls

    1. Thank you for hosting a fun party!

      Nicole =)


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