Monday, April 30, 2012

Gifts and Goals for the Week

Let me take care of a little business first…

I hope you all will excuse the complete randomness and odd posting schedule on this blog for the next little bit. It seems that my blog has decided to stop working on a schedule and function on its own time. I am hoping to teach it the benefits of scheduling and how much easier it makes life in the next few days, but until then, bear with me if I post at like 6am or midnight or something, ok?

Now, back to the normal stuff (if anything around here is normal! :)

It seems like every time I turn around, the Lord is blessing me in an area or by a means that I didn’t expect. Anyone who says the Christian life is boring is SO WRONG! It is SO exciting to see God work each and every day! He continues to prove Himself faithful even when my faith is weak.

Here are the things I added to my list of blessings this week:

303. Patience
304. Sound of our waterfall
305. Business picking up
306. Catching up w/ a friend
307. God’s provision
308. Rocking Judah to sleep
309. “Working” in my pj’s :)
310. That blogger is free (I’m choosing to think positive thoughts, ok?)
311. News of a new baby! (NOT in our family, so send your thoughts elsewhere!!!!!!!!)

I did *ok* with my goals this week:

I wanted to get outside and get some more yard work done, but most of the week was rainy and cold. I was hoping to get that outside project finished before the bugs came out, but I think I missed my chance. :( Oh well. I have taken a large chunk out of this project already, though. More on that later in the week!

What I really, really need to do is make those phone calls. I am putting it off, can you tell? I really hate talking on the phone, and these types of calls are the worst. I am afraid I am going to sound like an ignorant foreigner trying to figure out Canadian ways. Oh wait….

Next week we are taking a little trip across the ocean to attend a wedding, so this week will be primarily spent getting project done and gearing up for that. I’m playing the piano for the wedding, so piano practice is like my #1 priority this week!

I’m still having a blast setting weekly goals and striving to get them done! How about you? What plans do you have for this week? Any major projects going on?


  1. That is okay!
    I understand what you are saying, I have been on the internet at some of the same odd times lately! :)


  2. I love your outlook! God really does bless us in amazing ways. I am over from Money Saving Mom. I blogged about my goals at:

    1. Thanks for commenting, Tara! Good luck on your goals!


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