Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Spring Faves

Back in the day, when this blog of mine was a brand new baby blog, I used to post a “Top Ten Tuesday” each week. Which, btw, I have since found out it isn’t original with me. I thought I was brilliantly coming up with a new blog series at the time, and it turns out other people do it too. I promise I didn’t steal anyone idea!

Anyway, I thought maybe it was time to bring back Top Ten Tuesday to this blog!

Each week I will post a Top Ten about something...hard telling what it will be...just whatever comes to mind at the time!

For today...Top Ten Spring Favorites

10. Birds building nests

9. Baby animals

8. Green grass

7. Snow melted ing

6. Flowering trees and bushes

5. Crocuses

4. Not wearing mittens and scarves

3. Peeps (I mean the candy!)

2. Cute jackets as opposed to heavy winter coats

1. Breaking out the flip flops! (still waiting to do this one!)

Want to participate in Top Ten Tuesday with me? Starting next week, I will provide a linky with my Top Ten post, to give you a chance to post your own Top Ten list and link up with us! I’ve never done this before, but I think it will be fun! Mark it on your calendar, and start thinking up your own Top Ten list. Here are a few of my previous lists to get your juices flowing:

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What are your top ten Spring faves? Will you participate with me next week?


  1. That is cool!
    Though you should try real Chicks for number 3 instead. I love chicks!


    1. Real chicks works too! I've never had any, but we may be getting some soon...we'll see if I like them or not, lol! =)

  2. Cool!!
    What kind are you getting? Where are you buying them from?
    You will love them!! Everyone I have ever met likes chickies, even people who don't like animals very much!
    We are getting two batches this year, the first batch is 25 broilers that got here on the 23rd of last month, we will be raising them for meat. And the second batch is the chicks that will replace most of our current flock. So we will be getting 10 Buff Orpingtons, and 6 Jersey Giants! (All pullets, we have a VERY nice rooster already.)

    Will you be posting pictures? Pretty Please? With Sugar On Top?


    1. Well, I have no idea what kind they are. A lady in our church ordered them and then decided she didn't want them, so we *might* be taking them. It would save us the $$ we spend on eggs, but we really don't have a place for them and we aren't sure if they will live...we have a vicious cat!! That is literally our biggest concern! If we do get them, I will be sure to post picts for ya! =)

    2. Do you know about how many? 5? 10? 25? The reason I am asking is that caring for 10 chicks is waaaaay different than caring for 25! =)
      You said that you do not know what type they are, is there a way you can find out? (Or, if you know what hatchery they are coming from you might be able to narrow it down.) The reason I am asking is that chickens can be sized from a Bantam (Hens 3.4# Roosters 3.7#) to a Jersey Giant (Hens 10# Roosters 13#). And the temperaments of the different breeds vary just as much!

      Here is a website that has a ton of information on chickens: http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/BRKPoultryPage.html#Chickens
      One thing that we especially like about it, is the pictures of all the different breeds. It is fun just reading and looking even if we are not getting ready to place an order!


      P.S. My Mom grew up on a farm and she said that some cats don't bother chicks, and that some do.

    3. Thanks for the website! I don't remember how many they said, but they may have said 20??? I really haven't been in on the conversation much.

      As for the cat...her name is Killer, if that tells you anything. :) She kills everything from mice to mink, and even stared down a fox in our driveway. *IF* we get the chickens, we will have to completely cage them, or there is no way they will leave them alone. We'll see what happens, I'll keep you posted!

  3. What size of cat is that?! And what type?!

    I don't think I would put chicks with it either. Unless the cat is hungry. =)


    1. I know, crazy, right? I have no idea what kind of cat she is, she came with the house. :) She helps keep the rat population down, tho, so we are very glad to have her! She is just average sized, really, long-haired. You can see her picture here: http://nicoleslifeafter20.blogspot.ca/2011/03/our-family.html

  4. Awwwww!! She is cute!!



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