Friday, May 25, 2012

Garage Update Week 3

I'm a couple weeks in to this Garage Clean Up challenge (after being gone the first week) and couldn't be happier with how my space is turning out! I only had a couple of hours to work on it this week, but she is slowly but surely coming around. Here is a current shot:

Hmm...still not looking to glamorous form this shot, is it? (You can see what I started with here and my first update here.) But things are really looking up. I spent time this week focusing on putting like things with like things, then finding a place for them.

The shelves are looking quite organized, if I do say so myself!

Here is an example of "like things" and how I'm putting them together...

Here is a box of car buffing supplies:

A box of small wheels (from lawn mowers and wagons and such)

the kids toys and sports equipment is getting its own shelf...

and it is all fitting on these shelves quite nicely! Soon I will only have the "big stuff" to work on fitting into the room, and purging what we don't need.

As for "what I've found that I need to find out how to get rid of..."

Old paint. Needs to go to a Hazardous Waste site, and I just need to find the closest one! I will have some other stuff to go, too, so hopefully next week I can make that drop off.

Overall, its coming along! Here is a question for ya...what do you do with all the "little things".... the window hardware, small hooks and hinges, screw anchors, and the other millions of little tiny parts that come with everything? Still looking for a place for all of that! (And trying to figure out what is we really need 5 dead bolt locks that are still in the package?)

Are you working on organizing a space these days?


  1. You're making great progress! Your shelves look great. Not sure what part of Canada you're currently in but in my region (Peel) they just started allowing empty paint cans to be recycled. You just have to rinse them out & keep the lids separate in the recycle bin. I just recycled a ton of them that were pretty much empty already (no idea why we kept them as long as we did) & oh so rusty (I laughed when I saw your rusty can in your other post!) Good luck with the rest of your garage!

    1. Thanks Hilda, your space looks great too! In our county, empty paint cans can be thrown away in the regular garbage (cleaned and with the lids off). My trouble has been getting the rusty lids off, lol! Some of them just had to go in the garbage with the lids on..hope they don't take a fit! The ones with paint in them are just getting taken to our local hazardous waste location, so that is fairly simple, too.

      Thanks for your encouragement!


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