Monday, May 28, 2012

Goals for the Week


And they're beautiful.

Seriously, doesn't that sight just make you so happy? Lilacs are the best flower there is. Period. I spent quality time with the lilac bushes this morning, picking the best blooms to put in my room. Now my room smells uh-mazing.

They are going by waaaay too fast, but I am going to enjoy them while they last!

I was gone most of last week, helping out at camp, so I did not have a chance to write down the many blessings I received. I will be sharing some of the happenings and fun things that went on later in the week! I did get a few things checked off my goals list before I left, however:

I have more I want to get done this week! I have a nice long week ahead of me, so hopefully I can tackle 'most everything on this list:

Yessireebob, its going to be a full week. What do you have planned?


  1. I love to-do lists! totally help me stay focused!

    good luck on your goals!



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