Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: What's Still On my Bucket List

Last week I told you some of the cool-to-me things I've been able to do throughout my long, long life. (Ha ha!) This week I'm sharing 10 things I still hope to do someday! What about you?

10. Go to Europe

9. Ride in a hang-glider

8. Go to Israel

7. Go to Hawaii

6. Ride a camel

5. Be able to play the violin well (I know, I know...I just have to practice to make this one come true! :/ )

4. Go camping (yup, its true, I've never been camping before. Sad, eh?)

3.Write a book

2. Learn to really quilt

1. Go on a bike trip-vacation


  1. Dont feel bad about the camping thing ive never been out of the back yard in that area.

    1. The only so-called camping I've done has been in a cabin or a camper....and I'm told that isn't "real" camping. :)


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