Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday: 30% off! (And Last Day to Save)

We're wrapping up our Black Weekend event with a cyber Monday sale: 30% off your order!

This is the last day to get a discount at So Sew Organized. If you have been putting it off, now is your chance! Use the code CYBER30 to get 30% off your entire order. Offer ends at midnight Monday night!

I've been busy sewing away and am so thankful for those of you that have taken advantage of the sales this weekend. I trust that So Sew Organized can be a blessing to you this holiday season, and that you will remember the One that gave us the Ultimate Gift...the true reason behind our Christmas.

Need some more gift inspiration? Check out these selections from the shop:

Totes and scarves make great pairings!

One of my new favourite things to do it pair two different colored scarves with an outfit. It adds a nice fullness and warmth plus the different stripes of color is fun! (pictured is the purple with dark gray, and navy with light gray.) Adding multiple things to your order helps save on shipping, too!

These burlap totes have been a hit, too. They are machine washable, and shed very minimally. It would be a great gift to fill a tote for a teen girl or adult lady instead of a traditional stocking! What gal doesn't want another handbag??

What items catch your eye? Which ones would you love to give...or receive!....this year?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Get $10 Off Christmas gifts

Here is today's Black Weekend deal: Use the coupon code BLACK10 and get $10 off your purchase of $40 or more from So Sew Organized.

Some of you took advantage of the coupon that was available yesterday and I'm SO GLAD you did! I just love the idea that some of you will have So Sew Organized under your tree this year. I wish I could visit each of your homes on Christmas to see the reactions! (Because that is not at all creepy, right???!!!)

If you missed out on yesterday's offer, I'm hoping you'll stay tuned for the rest of the weekend so you can stay informed about each deal as it becomes available. We'll end the event Monday with giveaways and special discounts on select items. Don't miss out!

Here is a gift idea:

Fill one of our pencil pouches with crayons, pencils, or school supplies! Makes a great stocking stuffer for any student of any age.

Do you have a gift idea using these pencil pouches? Do tell!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Black Weekend Deals you Won't Want to Miss.

The idea of Black Friday has been so blown out of proportion, in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong. I take advantage of deals when I can, and that includes Black Friday. Shopping when there are sales is fantastic. I'm hoping to knock out some more of my Christmas shopping this weekend, just like the rest of the country.

But the camping in parking lots and trampling people? That is greed. And materialism. And ingratitude.

So why do I chose to offer discounts at So Sew Organized this weekend?

Not to promote materialism.

Not to encourage you all to be greedy.

And not to show unthankfulness.

But I do it to show my thanks and appreciation for each of you!!

For each reader...the mom reading during naptime, the student working their way through school, and the friends who support what I do. I'm thankful for all of you and want to show that by giving you the resources you need for this season. I want you to be able to buy quality gifts from So Sew that will be meaningful, while at the same time knocking some things off your to-do list. I want your buying experience to bring peace to your holiday so that you can spend more time doing what is really important and celebrating the True Reason for Christmas.

For those reasons, I offer you what I like to call the Biggest Savings Event of the Year!!

Friday 11/28 only, from 12 am to 11:59 pm, you can use the coupon code BLACK40 during checkout to get a whopping 40% off your entire order from So Sew Organized!

But we are not stopping there. Check back beginning Saturday morning at 12 for more deals and even freebies. There won't be another deal as good as 40% off, but we'll still be offering savings nonetheless!

I appreciate you, friends...I appreciate that you follow along this crazy journey, that you support me and my shop, and that you care. I hope you will let me give back in a small way through these sales. I'd also be honored if you would share it with others and introduce them to our community here, too!

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