Tuesday, April 30, 2013

25 Random Things About Me

Recently fellow blogger and friend MaryEllen posted 28 random things about herself. I thought I’d borrow her idea in honor of my milestone birthday, and share 25 random things about me today.

Yup, I’m turning 25. Remember when I said you’d laugh when you found out my age? Go ahead and do it now. :)

25 things you probably will wish you never knew about me...

1. I’ve lived in 3 states and one “foreign” country - Maine for 17 years, North Carolina for 5 years, Florida for 7 months and Nova Scotia, Canada for 2½ years.

2. ^ I can’t pick a favourite. I love different aspects of each place ^

3. I own an old Apple laptop (the iBook G4 to be exact) and I’m shocked it didn’t quit on me long ago. I’m saving up for a replacement.

4. I use fleece sheets for 9 months out of the year. The other 3 months I use flannel.

5. Cooking is my least favourite household chore.

6. I used to be very much of a “people person.” Now I consider myself more of an introvert.

7. I love blogging and sewing. If I had to pick between the two, I don’t know which I’d pick.

8. I always dreamed of going to Argentina, the western US and Europe. I am still waiting on Europe.

9. My favourite book of the Bible is Psalms. Or James. Or Proverbs. Ok, so I can’t pick just one.

10. I use Aussie hair spray. I love the smell!

11. I once mistook a squirrel for a baby goose. Some day I’ll tell you the whole story.

12. I also once mistook my aerosol hairspray for my aerosol deodorant. Ask me how THAT went.

13. I am the only child in my family not named after someone else. My name is truly all my own. :)

14. It would be very hard for me to go without my morning cup of coffee.

15. ^ I’m not picky about my coffee. I can only think of a couple times that a cup has been so bad that I’ve dumped it out.^

16. I’ve read straight through the Bible once in my life. I’ve started and not finished a bunch more times, but I’m making good progress this year!

17. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 22.

18. You know the “3 times a bridesmaid, never a bride” saying? I’ve actually never been a bridesmaid, but I have been 3 times a wedding pianist. Am I still exempt??

19. Besides Canada and the US, the only other countries I’ve been to are Argentina and Chile. I guess we need to change THAT!

20. I made homemade white bread for the first time last Friday.

21. My favourite colour is purple. Turquoise is currently holding a close second.

22. ^ After living in Canada nearly 3 years, I’ve started typing in Canadian. Not sure when that started happening! ^

23. I can’t count how many times in the last year I’ve been asked what grade I’m in.

24. I almost never paint my nails. {Here is one rare occurrence)

25. Perhaps the most “daring” thing I’ve done is jumping off a cliff into a lake. So fun! I’m working up the courage to go skydiving some day. Maybe before I turn 30?

So there you have it...25 random things about me you probably don’t care to know. I’d love to hear what you and I have in common from this list!! Comment away!


  1. I am so number 5 with you! Cooking is NOT my favorite thing...
    And I don't like pedicures...can't STAND people touching my feet, although I wish I did because sometimes I think it would be so relaxing to have my feet massaged, lol. We should definitely do mani's sometime, though. Would be SO FUN! Then we could sit and talk blogger talk, =)

    1. Pedicures ARE so relaxing....you don't know what you are missing out on! :)

      We really need to plan a little blogger meet up this summer!!!!

  2. Hi Nicole,
    You are a very interesting person and I cannot imagine that you consider yourself an introvert. I am with you on a few items - #5 I do not like to cook. #8 I love the book of Psalms, the others too, but have to say Psalms is my favorite. # 14-15 I cannot get along without my morning coffee and very rarely dump it out. #21 Purple is my favorite color. #23 Not now of course, but did happen all the time when I was your age. One time I worked as a camp counsellor on a mission trip and they kept wondering where there counselor was - they thought I was one of the campers. :)

    1. Wow, we have a lot in common! Thanks for sharing these things! =)

  3. Have a wonderful birthday! :) Twenty-five.....so young....lol!!! Enjoy your day!

  4. 22...what does it mean to type in Canadian?! You've gotten me totally curious!

    1. It seems to be a Canadian thing to spell certain words with a "u"...."favourite", "colour" as opposed to "favorite" and "color." It doesn't make a difference in how they are pronounced, which is why I referred to it as "typing Canadian." Perhaps it is a French influence thing? Not really sure!

    2. I've always thought of this as a more "British" influence- but maybe it is just a European influence in general...interesting!


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