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These are freebies that you can request simply by leaving a comment on this page!

Countdown to Christmas, starting December 1st!
Plan out your gift-giving
One of the most important parts of Christmas! :)

3"x5" recipe cards

Recipe page (suitable for a recipe binder)

To do list
Just leave a comment on this page to request any of the above printables! Be sure to leave your name, email, and customization preferences where applicable. Thanks!


  1. I am getting giddy lol and having so much fun...please send me all of these too... :) Tiffonie

  2. I would love a weekly to do list please :0) I love these!

  3. Would you mind to send me ALL your new color printables?! The colors are so FUN! Tiffonie

  4. Love your designs on these pages I would love for you to send me the following:
    books to read
    Future Blogs
    Family Movies
    2012 resolutions
    Goals- week/month]
    Goals- long term
    weekly to do

    my email address is mandyhunecke (at) yahoo (dot) com. GREAT job and MANY thanks!

  5. I love these.. is it possible to get Things to Do, both recipe sheets, Goals- weekly, Goals- long term, & weekly To Do? These are great..thank you! Michelle

  6. Would you mind to send me ALL your new color printables?! thanks!

  7. Could you email me the week at a glance please!

  8. Strinbean will you send me all of them?
    thanks Angelica

  9. I love these. Would you please send me
    Things to do
    books to read
    movies and books
    weekly and monthly goals
    long term goasl week to do
    week at a glance

    thank you so much

  10. Hi
    Can I get all your printables for your christmas binder? Also do youhave any for Thanksgiving and halloween, I'd like to make a binder for each holiday.
    Jenn Armknecht

  11. Hello,

    I would love all the Christmas printables! My email is

    Thank you,
    Brandi Davis

  12. I love your Christmas printables. So cute. Please send to Especially the baking planner. Thank you.

  13. I am so excited that I may actually be able to finally organize myself. Thanks for putting these up.


    1. Got so excited forgot to leave an email

  14. I love your Christmas printables. So cute. Please send to name: Tammy Davidson Thank you so much!

  15. Love them all...please send to thanks!

  16. Awesome! Can I please have your recipe page? My email is

  17. If still available, I'd love the Christmas to-do list!

  18. Would you mind to send me ALL your new color printables?!

  19. Hi. If it's still available I would love the "from the kitchen of " recipe page. The name to put on it is Elizabeth Moore. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts! I don't feel comfortable leaving my email address on a public domain like this, but I will email it to you.

  20. Love these! I would love the Christmas to do list and the countdown to Christmas emailed to me at Thank you!


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