Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've mentioned several times already my great friends. Here are a few pictures of us and the crazy stuff we do!
This is Kati. Her and I have been best friends since we were born! Actually, her parents came to visit me in the hospital when I was born, and decided it was time for them to have kids...11 months later Kati was born! Her family is missionaries to Argentina.
This is Holly. We went through 3 years of school together. Last year we were beside each other in the dorm, and made more memories than we know what to do with! We've done some pretty crazy things!! She graduated last year, but came down to visit at Thanksgiving.

This is Christy. Last year we were also in the dorm together, and this year we have done everything together. We have a ton of fun...she brings out my wild side! :D
Last semester we wanted to watch a movie at my house. This is three of my friends trying to get it to work. How many guys with Macs does it take....

This is what I'll call the "inner circle." :D Andrew is missing in this pict, but the 5 of us basically do everything together. Its me, Christy, Ben and Getty. (His real name is Caleb, but no one calls him that.) We have a blast. In this picture we are "studying," can't you tell? :D


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  2. Neat verses from Psalms. Love how you pointed out the commands and promises. God wants to bless us, but also wants us to obediently follow. Good reminder...


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