Friday, July 2, 2010

Thankful to be a Christian!

Yesterday was Canada Day here in Canada. It was very similar to Independence Day in the states, which was nice for us, since we will miss our traditional celebrations on Sunday! We started out the day with a parade, followed by a family cook-out (hamburgers with relish! Yum!) and then at the end of the day went to watch the fireworks. I had forgotten how pretty fireworks are, its been several years since I have seen “real” ones. (No offense Ryan and Matt, your “fireworks” the last two years were nice, but just don’t compare!! :)

I was overwhelmed with thoughts while we walked through the crowds last night waiting for the fireworks to begin. Maybe it was because I knew almost no one, or maybe it was because I have been living in a bubble for 5 years, I don’t know. But the one thought that struck me was how thankful I am to be a Christian and the privilege I have to live a life pleasing to God. I have to admit, just as you would, that sometimes the world holds out their “fruit” from the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” and tempts us with some of the pleasures it holds. But seeing the lives of the people that surrounded me last night, I have to say that there was nothing alluring about it. It was obvious the effects of sin on their lives. Dad said in his message last night, that Adam and Eve gave up perfection for what they could not have....and while I am certainly not perfect, I would not want to give up my victorious Christian life for those “pleasures” that will not last.

At first my pride wished I was not different from them. It seemed that many people were staring at us, maybe because we are an obviously unfamiliar face in a place where everybody knows everybody, and is most likely related to them. Maybe it was because we were the only people in the whole crowd wearing skirts. Whatever it was, it made my flesh wish to be “one of them,” to be dressed in a way that I wouldn’t be noticed. But as I thought about that, and noticed the obvious unhappiness and lack of joy in the eyes of those people, I was reminded of the fact that we are commanded to be “different.” Not only are we commanded to be, but I suddenly found myself so thankful that I am different! So thankful that I don’t live a lifestyle like they do. Thankful that I can hold my head up high and fulfill my mission as an Ambassador for my King.

I can’t expect any different from the world because of their lack of salvation and lack of a knowledge of the Holiness of our God. But I can rejoice in the fact that I am a Christian, and thank my God for the life that He has given me...not a life of bondage because I can’t do what they can do, but a life of freedom without the guilt and despair it would bring. I am so thankful to be a Christian!

Life has purpose now it never had before,

There is meaning to each day and even more;

For a joy and peace I can’t explain is mine,

Since I found new life in Christ my Lord divine.

I can go directly to the Lord in prayer,

He has told me I may boldy enter there;

And He listens as His promises I plead,

I find mercy there and grace for every need.

And the hope of heaven’s glories fill me so,

Where I’ll live with Christ forever more I know;

That is why the things of earth I loosely hold,

I’ve eternal riches better far than gold!

O it is wonderful to be a Christian!

O it is wonderful to be God’s child!

O it is wonderful to have your sins forgiven!

O it is wonderful to be redeemed,

Justified forever reconciled!


  1. AMEN! Wow. Excellent post and I can so relate with what you wrote about. I had almost the exact same thoughts today, only dealing with the people at work. Some of ther lifestyles were causing me to wonder if I really am out of whack...if I really am being too strict about my views and standards on things and if some it really didn't matter. Then, in talking to a girl and having her tell me about the partying she was doing the night before, I really found myself wanting to ask her "Are you honestly happy? Do you know what you are missing out on?" And then I got to know, she probably does think she's happy. Right now her life seems pretty grand, exciting and full as she moves from thing to thing. Then I thought of my older sister who's happily married, lives simply, is in love with God and her family and I knew the joy that she has doesn't even compare. So yep. Sometimes the world seems alluring but I too am thankful for the quiet peace that God's Spirit gives and for the reminder of it.

  2. This was an encouragement to my heart reading this. Thank you.

  3. You are such a sweetheart! Reading this just gave me more insight to the young woman you really are. I know at this stage of life, it is easy to become "wishful" but, having been there myself only a few short years ago, I can say with surety that a life dedicated to Christ unashamedly holds the most joy!! It's when you pass through that stage and are looking back on it that you can see the difference. Keep walking, trusting all the way, looking, watching, praying everyday!!

  4. Thanks Nicole! You were very transparent in writing this, and I know exactly what you mean. I have had those feelings before too, but now that we are ministering in the Big City, it seems everyone I meet has a sin-scarred life. I am so grateful to have been saved from that!


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