Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Ready for another Top Ten??

Yes, I know it is Wednesday. I apologize for that greatly, but I just did not have a chance to post this yesterday. So you'll have to forgive me for that one. Remember, i don't have internet at my house.

So, here is the belated Top Ten.

So, you probably all have this mental image of me. When you hear my name, you think something in your head, right? Don’t tell me what it is, please, I probably don’t want to know. But probably for most of you, you know me as a mild person. I don’t get worked up too easily, but neither am I the quiet type. I honestly can’t remember a time I ever lost my temper with someone and got angry...just not me. (Well, not really angry...I do this mock anger thing sometimes.) But I do get secretly annoyed at some stuff. I may or may not tell you about it, and I may not show any outbursts of anger, but I feel like it sometimes. Don’t believe me? Well then here are some things that really annoy me!!!!!

10. My shirt hanging below my coat. This is one of those things that if someone else does it, more power to them, I could care less. But on myself, I feel incredibly insecure if my shirt hangs lower than my coat does. I especially run into this problem in the winter, when I wear these big sweaters that are longer than my coat. Not happening. Time for a bigger coat or a shorter sweater.

9. Wrinkles in clothes. This bothers me no matter who does it. For crying out loud, take 3 minutes and at least get the worst ones out! I had a professor at school that always had fold-lines in his pants...really annoyed me! I iron a lot of my clothes, but only if they are really wrinkled, and they won’t straighten themselves out after a few minutes of wearing them. I have also been known to spray my clothes with water and hang them up the night before. Presto! Wrinkle-free! I am not an extremist like others I have known...I have never ironed my denim skirts.

8. Washing my hands. I get this from my Nana. I hate for my hands to be dirty, so if I’m cooking or working outside, I wash my hands like every two seconds. No joke. Dirt under my fingernails bothers me too. Or anyone else’s fingernails, for that matter.

7. People chewing ice. Most people who’ve been around me at a meal know about this one. It just gives me this shiver up my spine! It’s like fingernails on chalkboard, you know what I mean? So just suck on it, please.

6. Making the bed. I think I get this from both of my grandmothers. I am really particular about how my bed is made. I hate an unmade bed, its about the first thing I do in the morning. The sheets and blankets must be really straight and tucked in nice, and not hanging out below the cover. Its so nice to crawl into a nice neat bed at night.

5. Things being straight. If I hang up a towel, the corners meet and are straight. If I fold any clothes or linens, everything has to lay straight. Stuff hanging straight on the walls is a must. If its not, I’ll fix it for you.

4. People talking with their mouths full. I try my hardest not to be guilty about this one, even though sometimes it is hard, because I hate when other people do it. Really, I don’t want to see your hamburger mashed up with your bun, ketchup and relish. Whatever you have to say is NOT that important, trust me. I can wait until you swallow.

3. Open window shades at night, and closed ones during the day. I hate having the dark windows glaring at me at nighttime. As soon as it gets dark, I shut all my shades. But during the day, I LOVE for the sun to be able to come in! So my brother will leave our bedroom shades closed, but as soon as I walk in, up they go. One of my biggest fears is that I’ll see someone looking in my windows at night. I don’t care if they look in, I just don’t want to see them doing it. That happened to my mom when she was a teenager. Scary! Just ask my good friend Holly about this one....

2. Rattling noises. This I get from my dad. (Don’t you just love how I blame all my weird quirks on other people? He he.) This especially bothers me in the car, I hate when parts of the car rattle. Or something in the console. Another annoying one is squeaky fan blades. AAARRRGGG!!!

And the #1 really annoying thing people do:

1. People cracking their knuckles (or any other joint of their body). Ask my sister about this, and she’ll tell you. I have a hissy-fit whenever she starts the cracking regiment on her poor fingers and hands. One of these days she is going to split her hand in half. Sometimes when people do it, I tell them it causes cancer. Obviously a false diagnosis, but it usually makes them stop and think. It just really sends shivers up my spine when they do it. Especially if its their neck. Yuck! And if I can get on a soapbox for a moment...have you ever stopped to consider how distracting and disrespectful it is to the teacher/preacher that is speaking while you are manipulating every joint in your body?? Not only is the noise distracting to those around you, but the gyrations you send your limbs into are distracting for everyone, including you. Can you really be listening attentively during that firecracker display?? Ok, I’ll get down now....

Well, there you have it. Now you know that while I seem mild mannered on the outside, I really do have a strong opinion about some things. But lest you think that I am a pessimist and only focus on the negative, my next Top Ten Tuesday will be on the many little things in life that make me smile. Because I’d much rather focus on those pleasant things anyway. Just don’t crack your knuckles while I do it, please.

What about you? Do you have any weird quirks you want to share? Or do you think I am over the top?? (If you do, you are probably right!) Or how about suggestions for more Top Ten topics?? Leave me a comment!

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  1. I think you just wrote this post about me!!! LOL! well, with the exception to the sweater and ironing thing:-) I only iron if it is absolutely necessary, and I mean ABSOLUTELY necessary:-) Good post! I got a good laugh!


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