Monday, November 29, 2010

Buck Church

Saturday was a big day here at Calvary Baptist Church. It was the day of Buck Church. Well, at least thats what my friends 5-year-old son called it. We actually named it, after much thought and consideration, the “Big Buck Braggin’ Banquet.” After all, my dad was in on it, and that means it HAS to be alliterated. (I’m sure thats in the Bible somewhere.)

We had a outreach banquet for the men of the church to bring their fathers or sons or just any friend to this banquet at the end of hunting season. You have to understand something before I go any farther: the men up here LIVE for hunting season. They take it seriously. They literally count down the number of “sleeps” for WEEKS in advance. EVERYTHING they do the whole rest of the year is in preparation for hunting season. One man told me its better than Christmas. I’ve never seen anything like it. And they don’t mess around with any ol’ doe license. No, they go for the real thing. Hence the name, “Big Buck Braggin’ Banquet.”

For whatever reason, my mom put me in charge of decorating for this thing. I enlisted the help of a couple of ladies from church, and we pulled it off. Now, this is really not my thing, just ask anybody that has known me for like 3 days. But I do have to say, that being in this corrupting atmosphere has kinda changed my perspective a little, and I found myself getting excited about some of these big bucks that were being shot. Especially when they bring us some of the meat. I will say this, I love deer meat.

So, here are some pictures from Buck Church: (That names sticks even better than “Big Buck Braggin’ Banquet,” don’t you think?)

Brown, Green and Orange...not exactly what I'd pick for decorating, but they seemed to think it was great.

We had a "photo booth" type thing set up where the fathers and sons could get their picture taken. This "Big Buck" blanket (Eeek, my dad is rubbing off on me!) was the backdrop.

Dad announced to the church several times that it didn't have to just be big could be big bears, big birds, big bunnies....anything goes.

Sorry, just had to do it. I couldn't set up for this thing without having a little fun!!!

Oh, what a nice teddy bear.....

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