Thursday, November 25, 2010

House Remodeling

We have been blessed this week to have Clarence and Leslie Moore and their family visiting with us for a few days. Not only are they supported missionaries of our church, they are also great friends of our family. My dad and Clarence worked together for a few years at Ambassador Baptist College. They live in Canada now, working with Baptist Church Planting Ministries.

Clarence is a great carpenter that is known for getting things done fast and efficiently. My dad was hoping to prick his brain while he was here, discussing projects at both the church and the house that really need to be done. 

Well, he pricked his brain alright. They ended up adding two new washrooms to our house!

Actually, I should say they are working on adding two washrooms. They have gotten a lot done in just two days. See, our house is so old that when it was originally built it didn’t have indoor plumbing. So when they did put in a washroom, they took out a corner of the kitchen and put it there. Here is what it looks like:

Yeah, not only does it take up half the kitchen, it makes you cringe to have to use the washroom when people are in the kitchen. Ewww, ewww, ewww!

We had planned from the beginning to take this room that had the washer and dryer in it:

Yeah, this is when we were still unpacking

and turn it into two washrooms, one for a main washroom, and one for my parents master bedroom. And its working! Here is some of the progress so far:

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