Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello Out There!!

That is my cry from deep beneath the mound of “things to do before Christmas.” Are any of the rest of you there? Ok, ok, I know its my fault. When it comes to gifts I am a terrible procrastinator. But I think I work better under pressure. Don’t worry, I’ll get all your presents in time.

This year seems almost busier than the past 4 years when I was busy getting gifts together, packing for a 20+ hour trip to Maine, studying and taking finals, making up hours of piano practice, finishing projects and papers, cleaning for white glove, going to a library Christmas party, a league Christmas party, a dorm Christmas party, a Sunday School Christmas party, a couple cantadas, last minute necessary fun things like trips to Sonic with my friends, and who know what all else. Phew, did you get as tired reading that as I did writing it?

Ok, so maybe this year isn’t as busy, but there is still a lot to be done. This last week we had two Christmas parties, one at a Chinese restaurant (Score!!), and this coming weekend is our Christmas program. It is going to be very small, but yet we are still super busy preparing for it. We also will be going caroling Saturday. After Christmas program rehearsal.

I also need to soon start at least thinking about what needs to go to Maine with me. Cause knowing me I’ll forget something really important, like my pj’s. Or my presents for the party in the... well, don’t ask where that party is. Its a secret. :)

Then there are my last piano lessons before we break for Christmas. I’ll have 6 of those this week, because thats how many piano students I have right now. You can read more about that here.

And of course, I must finish up those presents. I thought I’d be a good girl and make most of my presents this year. Yup, I am planning on that being the case. I just have to finish them up. So my room has these sorts of things laying around this week:


And this:
A couple of these:
And unfortunately, this:

Of course, I can’t give you the details about any of that, now can I? It might give away the surprise. And we can’t have that at Christmastime!

Oh, and in case anyone wanted to know, at a gift exchange this week I got this super cute tin. It was even cuter because it had peppermint patties in it. And this was while I was at the Chinese restaurant. Wow, can life get any better?

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