Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - Christmas Pictures

We had a fantastic time in Maine with our family and friends last week! Here are ten of my favorite pictures:

10. My Grampie, covered with stickers from the new sheet sets my sisters got.

9. Baby Isabella

8. Baby Kevin in his adorable new hat

7. Kati, my best friend since birth. We split this gigantic pancake and still didn't finish it!

6. Oh brother! We got to see some other friends from school while we were there.

5. A group of friends...we've been friends like our whole lives.

4. A few of my cousins and me. We have this tradition, a party in the... well, you don't need to know where it is. Its a secret. :)

3. Us with our new pj's that Heidi bought.

2. This is all my first cousins, minus one. "We are family!"

1. And this is all of my family that was at this Christmas! 49 of us! That makes for fun times, lots of great food, laughs, tears, games, parties, gifts, etc, etc. :) The only thing there isn't a lot of is SLEEP!! But thats ok, we have too much fun to sleep!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my week in Maine and my families Christmas. How was yours?

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