Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Teen Retreat

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to help out at Forest Glen Bible Camp for a winter retreat. Two of my siblings went as campers, and my parents and I all helped out as counselors. Here are some pictures of that weekend.

We had a blessing at the retreat, because we know practically no one in Nova Scotia yet, and weren't anticipating knowing other teens at the retreat. But there ended up being 3 teens from a family in Maine that we had met a few times! My siblings and those teens were too young when we lived in Maine to really remember each other, but they became friends quickly and spent the whole time together. So a lot of these pictures are of my siblings with them.

Three girls from my cabin. The one closest was Saundra from Maine. Sweet girl!

Here is my brother Justin with Gary and David from Maine. The three of them were seriously attached at the hip!

In the cabin....oh my.

They had a snow-sculpting contest, and my siblings and the "Maine group" were put together to work on a sculpture...how convenient. They decided to build a Chevy truck...smart kids!

Here are some of the other sculptures. This is a shoe, and they ended up winning.

There were 3 turtles, but this was the best one. Its hard to see because of the glare. Don't you just love my shadow?? :) And no, I have no idea why turtles were so popular.
A big arrow.

Aaaand...the finished truck! I think the windshield wipers added the perfect look to this thing!

We also got the opportunity to go sledding. This was right after I went down on that little saucer, and totally wiped out. It was so much fun!

Justin, David and Gary decided to all go down on one sled. Um, Gary...the idea was to be on the sled...
...but he didn't quite make it. :)

It was a fun weekend!

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