Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Incomparable Christ

My heart has been challenged during the last few months by listening to a series by Nancy Leigh DeMoss on Revive our Hearts. I download the podcasts to my itunes and enjoy listening to them during the day when I get a chance. We do not have any good Christian radio stations in our area, so this is my alternative. Itunes makes it convenient for me!

Last week, Nancy began a series for the days leading up to Easter based on the book, The Incomparable Christ by J. Oswald Sanders. She has challenged us to read a chapter each day and then listen to her podcast further studying the thoughts along with the book. I was lucky to already own a copy of the book, as I had to read it for Christology class while I was in college. It has been such an encouragement to begin my day by focusing on Christ.

Here are a couple thoughts that have been new and challenging to me so far in this study:

“Jesus increased” from Luke 2:52. Although He was God, and therefore perfect, as a human He had to grow! He had to grow physically. Even though at this time He was 12 years old and considered a man by Jewish traditions, He still had to grow in wisdom and had more to learn. And yet He was the one who created all there was to learn about! (Don’t even try to wrap your mind around that one!) He also had to grow in His favor with God and with man.

Jesus was a model for us in the area of work and physical labor. Until He was 30 years old He worked in His earthly father’s carpenter’s shop. (Matthew 13:55; Mark 6:3) These years of physical labor helped form the physical strength and stamina that he would need for His earthly ministry. So often we think that He could handle it all without a problem because He is God, but He also had a human body! The long days of work with “not where to lay his head” (Matthew 8:20) needed great physical endurance to accomplish. Just from the accounts of His journeys that are recorded in scripture, Sanders book points out that He covered at least 2,500 miles...on foot!

At the time of Jesus baptism, God was already “well pleased.” (Mathew 3:17; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22) Jesus had not yet accomplished and finished the work of His Father here on earth, but already, with just His growing up years and His years of work in the carpenter’s shop, God was “well pleased.” Luke 2:52 states that after that instance He increased in “favor with God.” By the time He was 30 God was “well pleased.”

I would encourage any of you that are not listening already to hop over to Revive our Hearts and join the series. It is not too late to catch up on the chapters you have missed. The podcasts are about 25 minutes in length, so it doesn’t take large chunks of your time. Even if you don’t already own the book, the podcasts alone will be an encouragement and challenge to your spiritual walk.

As we enter this season celebrating the death and resurrection of our Savior, lets keep our thoughts focused on Him and remembering what He did for us!

Disclaimer: This post is by no means a blanket endorsement of all you may read or hear at reviveourhearts.com. While I believe this ministry to be a challenge and encouragement to the spiritual growth of any lady, I encourage you, as with anything, to compare what you read and hear with scripture. God’s Word alone has the answers to every situation.

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