Thursday, April 7, 2011


That seems to be the big thing right now - DIY. Everywhere I turn people are doing it. There are some really creative people out there!

But seriously now, some of the things people are so proud that they “did themselves” crack me up. Personally, a real DIY project is like when my friend Becky made her own flower girl basket. She could have bought it all done up already, but instead she figured out how to make it herself, so not only is it exactly the way she wants it, but probably a lot cheaper too! And it is super cute, I might add! Now thats what I can DIY-ing.

But there are some people out there (no one I know personally...just, you know, people out there) that think if I pick the fuzz out from between my toes, I’m a regular DIY-er.


Ok, that was probably the most disgusting thing I’ve said in my whole life.

But you get the picture.

So what constitutes DIY-ing?



Dipping candles?



What about laying carpet? Putting in insulation? Pouring concrete? Yup, add it to my list of things I’ve done. I can even steep my own tea in the morning… applause, please.

Ok, so while I have done all of the above things, I haven’t necessarily done them all by myself. But I’ve helped, oh yes, I’ve laid carpet with the best of ‘em.

So what do you think? Do I qualify as a DIY-er? Do you consider yourself to be one? What makes a project a DIY project in your book?

Because seriously, who else is going to dip my candles? Or clean my toes for that matter….


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