Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Canadian Terms

A few months ago, I had a blast making you all think about some terms that are common here in Canada. I think that you all had a blast as well! I had so much fun laughing at reading your guesses, that I came up with a few more. I couldn’t actually come up with ten, but I do have 7 for you.

Heres the specs: Each of the words is used commonly here in Canada to refer to something that is also common in the States. Leave a comment on this post with your guesses as to what these things are. If you are from somewhere else besides the U.S. of A, we would absolutely {heart} knowing your guesses and comparing your terms with ours! Sorry, my follow canada-people, you are not allowed to give it away. :) But please do let me know if I have spelled something wrong. :S

I will reveal the answers at the end of the week. Have fun!

1. Facecloth

2. Cheesies

3. Whippersnipper

4. Zed

5. Soother

6. Javex

7. Mounty


  1. OOO this one is really hard!
    1. Tissues???
    2. Cheeseits crackers was what first came to mind, the second idea was pictures(ya know cause you gotta "cheese" :) for them, ok thats a little out there)
    3. Weed Eater
    4. No Clue!!!
    5. a Massage?
    6. Once again No on earthly Idea!
    7. I think this is the police (mounted police, on a horse)
    I'm seriously laughing at my own answers so I guess you can/will too! This is a lot of fun.

  2. 1. Washcloth
    2. Cheese crackers
    3. Child
    4. ??? - Letter Z???
    5. Paccy
    6. ???? - Bleach ???
    7. Police

  3. 1. Washcloth
    2. Cheesepuffs??
    3. A young child?
    4. No idea!!!
    5. Pacifier
    6. Coffee?
    7. Candian Mounted Police

  4. Number 1 Sounds like an ancient form of facebook only the gossip is written on a sheep skin cloth and hung on a tree by the side of the road for every one to read.


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