Monday, May 16, 2011

Organizing/Cleaning Post (Finally!!) With A Printable!

Ok peeps, I've really been trying hard to get this post out there. Promise. Blogger hasn't exactly been cooperating with me, ok? For some reason my pictures have been taking FOREVER to download, and this post has a TON of pictures. But here we finally are.

As I mentioned before, ever since Christmas I have been planning on going through all my junk/stuff in the attic and purging and sorting it all. And yeah, so I didn't get started on it until about 4 days before I left. Brilliant, right? Thankfully I still managed to get a lot done.

It started with the purchase of these:
And this:

Containers! Happy dance! Something about them just brings a smile to my face!

I started with this file box. I had a bunch of random papers that needed a home. This one was pretty inexpensive and came with all these hanging files.

I went with this cardboard one as opposed to a plastic one because they are so much more expensive. I was very impressed with this one, it is very sturdy for being cardboard.

I used some bright markers on my folders and popped them in!

I also re-organized some other files that I had. They all just NEEDED to have bright marker labels on them!

And because I am really weird like this and don't mind showing you something thats mildly embarrasing, here's a picture of the sign I put on one of my file boxes when I was like 12 years old:

Getting real spiritual on you, aren't I??

Next I had to go through my clothes. In Canada, I was still wearing my winter clothes, but I would not be needing them in Florida, so I switched them out with the summer wear. I also ended up packing away more than normal, because the airline weight limits would not let me take all my clothes with me. :) So here is most of them.

I use the ziplock backs for my warm socks. It is easy to push all the air out of the bag, and makes them store a lot better. Then they are all in one place when I am ready to pull them out.

Here is a random tote of junk. I really did get rid of a lot of stuff in the process. Promise! I probably could have done even more purging...if I had started about 3 months sooner. :)

See my cute card box?

And because I'm becoming slightly obsessed with this organizing thing, I just *had* to make some labels for my stuff. Oh yes I did. In my spare time. Ha!

And because I did them in my spare time (i.e. midnight) they seriously have that, "Oh, you spent 3 minutes whipping these up in Pages" look. But they work.

They will be a big help if I need my mom to send me something that I have stored. Everything is nicely labeled so she will be able to find it. So it was not a waste of my precious time, right?

Here is all of it in the attic! This is where you pause and say, "Wow, Nicole, nice labels." Why thank you!

And for those of you who aren't too picky and don't mind the "created with love in Pages" look, I've made this be-youtiful label available for you!

I made them slightly larger than your average label, because I was labeling large totes. Someday I may change it so it fits a standard Avery label size. Let me know if thats something you would be interested in.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I printed these on white card stock, covered them with contact paper, then wrote on them with a marker, and used the make-a-circle-of-tape method to stick them on the totes. I probably did that backwards and should have wrote on them and then laminated them, but once I let the marker sit for a minute it did not wipe off. At all. So I think they will work. And they are not in a high-traffic or very-likely-to-be-touched place, so I think they'll be ok.

Well, there you have it. Hope it was worth the wait. I have one more post related to my organizing in the works. It involves something very near and dear to my heart that I decided to get rid of. *Sniff. Bring your own tissues.

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  1. Good for you :) I always have mixed feelings about re-organizing/purging- happy to be getting rid of things, but sad because of what I'm passing on.

    Btw- your labels are adorable! They don't look at all like you spend 5 minutes creating them!


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