Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its Ironic, Really

I want to tell you about the very ironic thing that happens in my life every morning, but first, I must tell you a little secret information about me.

(whisper) Are you ready?

(ultra-whisper) While I was in college, my nickname was "the un-compassionate one."

(normal voice) Phew, I'm glad I got that off my chest! Now I can go on with the news I was about to tell you. Actually, that bit of information is important to what I am going to say, so keep it in mind.

The irony of it kind of makes me laugh. And it kind of humbles me. And I'm kind of embarrassed to tell you about it.

But the fact is that every morning, I, the "un-compassionate one," cry while reading blog posts from the website "Compassion Bloggers." Ironic, isn't it? Or maybe irony has nothing to do with it...

Right now the "Compassion Bloggers" team is in Manila, Philippines. A team of 8 bloggers are blogging every day about their trip and the lives of the people they are impacting. Wait, let me rephrase that...the lives of the people that are impacting them.

I encourage you to stop what your doing right now and go read their posts. They have been there a few days already, so you have a little catching up to do, but it is well worth every minute.

WARNING: It will change you. And you might even cry.

Compassion Bloggers: Philippines 2011

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