Friday, October 28, 2011

2012 Planning Binder: Free Recipe Printables!

So far we have printables for a To Do List, a list for Books to Read, and Future Blog Posts. Go to that post to catch up and create yourself a great, personalized planning binder!

I've gotten some great ideas from my readers for our planning binders, and I'm so excited to create them and put them to good use! Here are some printables that have been suggested:

  • To Do List
  • Books to Read
  • Blog Posts
  • Basic grocery list
  • Grocery list
  • Menu plan
  • Recipes I make
  • Recipes to try
  • Gift ideas
  • Family's clothing style
  • Household cleaning schedule
  • Shopping list
  • Prayer and Praise
  • Errands
  • Phone calls
  • Movies owned/rented
  • DIY projects
  • Notes
  • Spending record
  • Tithes/bills

Just looking at that list gets me all giddy excited! Wow, are we going to have some exciting, complete binders! What else can we come up with to add to the list? I am going to try to have as many of these to offer to you as I can, so that you can pick and choose the ones that YOU need for your personal binder. What lists do you find yourself making around the house? What was written on that scrap of paper that you misplaced? Those are the printables you are going to want in your binder, or laminated and hanging on your fridge. The more organized you are, the smoother your day will be!

With all that said, I completed a couple more printables for ya. Here is a list for your "staple" recipes. (Um, I don't know if thats what you call them....maybe, comfort foods? Whatever recipes you make often!) Also a list of recipes to try!

And the black and white version!

The plan is the same for these as the last ones. Leave me a comment and tell me what printables you would like. Be sure to leave your email address! I'll send you the pdf file to print off and use. Easy peasy!

I'd like to tackle that menu plan as well, but I need your imput. What format do you use for a menu plan? Should it include a shopping list? Do you plan all 3 meals every day? Should it be weekly, or monthly? I'd love to see what the general consensus is so I can try to create it accordingly.

I'm having a great time creating my binder, and I hope you are too! It is going to feel great starting the new year organized and ready to go! What are you looking forward to about your binder?

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  1. I used to use a form that had a chart on the front for 3 meals a day 7 days a week, and on the back it had a grocery list with categories for like Health/Beauty, Dairy/Meats/Beverages, Cleaning/Paper-Plastic, Dry Goods, Cans/Condiments, Frozen, Bakery-Produce, Misc., Other...I also used a monthly form that you could just plan a month of kinda resembled a monthly calendar. I am looking forward to finally making a binder that's not only functional, but that's beautiful too...Thank you! I would like to receive the recipe forms as well...Tiffonie


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