Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Free Wall Art

I mentioned in our last coffee chat that I had not done much fall decorating. Totally uninspired, being in Florida. But while clicking around on Pinterest, all of the great inspiration got me...well, inspired!

Thanks to a great tip from Emily, I found a site with a bunch of free fall printables. I printed off one that I thought would look good in my house. But what to do with it?? Especially when I plan to spend exactly $00.00 on this project??

Take a gooooood look at this picture, and see if you can guess what I did: (sorry for the blurriness...)

Well first, I scrounged through the whole house looking for a good picture frame. (Remember: this isn't my house, so I am limited as to what I can do.) I came up with, natta. So, then I scrounged the house looking for anything else I could use for anything.  And I came up with.....a shoe box lid!! Yup, can you believe it?? That is really a shoe box lid covered in scrapbook paper with my printable stuck on the front. I adapted the idea from something else I had seen on Pinterest, painting on a shoe box lid to make a homemade canvas. This doesn't exactly look like a canvas, but I did get pretty lucky to have scrapbook paper that matched so well.

It was so light that I just hung it on a tack. That way it is not a permanent piece of art. It will barely leave a hole!

I hung it over the couch next to a print that was already there, but terribly un-centered. I think my "canvas" helps balance it out much better, and really pulled out some of the fall colors from the print.

So there is my absolutely free fall decorating project that is apartment or renter friendly. Have you done any lately??

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