Friday, October 21, 2011

I DO work, ya know

I don't blame you if you don't believe me. All this time I've been saying things like "give me money" and "please pray" and "I'm having a great time in this ministry," but I never have showed you what it is I actually DO. Really, I do stuff. Promise. I just didn't have a camera, remember?

Its only been 6 months, but I decided it was high time I show you some of the things I do for my job around here. I'll warn you, its not skydiving or catching criminals or really anything to write home about, but I love it.  It is the kind of work that you can not only feel good about doing, but know that it is bringing God glory and helping His work. Which is important to me. Knowing that I have made the missionaries day a little bit easier because I made that phone call or answered that email. Our jobs here in the office allow the missionaries to spend more time focused on their field of ministry, and less time working on getting their license renewed here in the states, or answering support-related questions from a church, or getting migraines while working on their income taxes.

That was the long explanation. Short story: I LOVE MY JOB!

So without further rambling, here are some pictures!

This is my desk on any given day. Looks like the mail had just come, I was working on printing and folding those letters, and stuffing them in envelopes. You can see all the supplies I use every day: a pen, letter opener, stapler, tape, adding machine, calendar, phone, and most importantly - the coffee mug. :) Priorities, its all about priorities, people. To the right of this desk is another one with my computer and printer.

Right now the couple I work with is at Bob Jones University, recruiting. A couple weeks ago I worked on their display board for them.

I had a blast, trying to think about what would have caught my eye when I was a student.

This is a recent picture of our missionaries....just so you get an idea.

And here is another "all in a days work" picture. Let's play, "There are 25 reams of paper in this picture. Can you find them all?"

It was free. What can we say? We're missionaries, people. 

I couldn't resist taking a shot for Mr. Monk. Gotta keep if fun, folks. :D

So there is a little glimpse into the type of things I do each day. I told you that it doesn't look that exciting on paper, but let me just tell you, I love it. I love that its a slower-paced schedule, but something that I can enjoy doing. I am so thankful that the Lord put this ministry in my lap, and led me to work with missionaries that I have grown to love.

Did I mention that I love it?

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