Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Pinterest Challenge: Spray Paint Things White

I am so excited to be joining the Pinterest challenge that Sherry and Katie are hosting! I've mentioned before how I have a fetish for those girls and their blogs. They are my daily dose of laughter and inspiration. Being able to join their party is uh-mazing. Here are Sherry's and Katie's posts, as well as two more sponsors of this challenge, Erin and Ana. (Does anyone else really like to say those two names together? Erin and Ana, Erin and Ana...)

There are so many fantastic ideas on Pinterest, it was hard to decide which thing to tackle! But here is the inspiration picture that I decided on:

                                                                                             Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

My exact words when I pinned that picture were, "I have a small wooden tray, and I need something to corral my remotes and things on the coffee table. Hmmm..." Well, get ready, because I finally made it happen!

I had picked up a tray at a discount store a while back. I don't have a before picture, but it was a dark wood. It actually wasn't half bad, but I knew it would look way better if it was ((((white!))))

First I attacked it with a thin layer of Kilz. (How come I never knew that stuff came in a spray can? That makes life SO incredibly easier!) Then I covered it with three thin, even layers of white spray paint. (See, I've been taking pointers from Sherry. I feel important.) After that I covered it with a couple thin layers of Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer.

I also picked out a pretty scrap book paper for the inside. I sprayed a couple layers of Mod Podge on that as well for protection against the elements. You know, all those elements in my living room are dangerous.

I popped the paper in and whala!

Perhaps I should have glued the paper down, but so far that hasn't been an issue.  And I bet you can't guess what I did with it...

Tv and VCR remotes, a pen and pencil (that I am constantly losing either between the couch cushions or under the magazines on the coffee table) and my ear buds, which I use to listen to sermons on my computer. It is soooo nice to have them all in one place! Well, one place besides under the couch cushion. :)

I picked that particular scrap book paper to tie in with the pillow we bought for our couch...

Remember, this isn't my house, so I have to get creative with the decorating I do.  I can totally sympathize with people who are trying to decorate an apartment or rental. The pillow gave us a very desperately needed pop of color. And now my tray is all matchy-matchy!

And a shot of the whole cozy room:

There you have it. Looking at that last picture, its seems like a super small thing, but it is definitely making my life easier and more organized! And, its cute. Win win!

I'm so excited to head over to Sherry's and Katie's blogs today and see what other projects are floating around the blogosphere! And, I'll probably pin some things to do later...thus taking this thing full circle. That's the fun of it!

Did you join the Pinterest challenge? Or, heaven forbid, are you not on Pinterest yet? If not, let me know and I can send you an invite. You can go here to follow me!


  1. love your tray. i too love to spray paint things white!

  2. I'm a white spray paint addict too! I really love how your tray turned out.

  3. Thanks, Tamsyn! Isn't white spray paint great stuff?

  4. I have had bad experiences with spray paint. it doesn't come out even. maybe I try it again. your lovely tray has inspired me!

  5. All my life, my blonde roots have REALLY showed every time I tried to paint anything! But reading about all of Sherry's painting really helped me understand how to do it. Just go read how she does it, and remember to do several THIN comes out way better that way! Thanks for commenting!


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