Monday, January 23, 2012

Gifts and Goals for the Week

Its amazing to me how the Lord knows what we need when we need it. A few in my family were struck with an unexpected (and very strange) sickness this week. While its no fun feeling nasty, it is nice to take some time to just relax, do some extra reading, and enjoy the stillness. Yeah, it is a little hard on the ol' to-do list...but that list is just a guide, isn't it? Its not a law that says we must cram every single thing into our schedule...because if we did that, perhaps we'd miss something else the Lord wants to show us.

So by some standards I did not have a very "profitable" week, but by my standards, it was great! Here are some of the blessings from it...

189. Watching a basketball game
190. Tims for breakfast
191. Fun time with friends from church
192. Reason to slow down and be quiet
193. Success with my Pinterest project for this month!
194. Feeling better (I can talk again!)
195. Sleepover with friends
196. Missionaries at church

Are you recording a 1,000 gifts list? How far have you gotten? I'd love to hear some of your daily blessings!

So because I was sick, you all are going to have pity on me and turn your head the other way when I show you how I did with my goals this last week, right? Just pretend I got them all done. :) Seriously, it really is ok with me that I didn't finish everything, as I already mentioned. This coming week I will have no excuse though, right? ;)

Eh, not really that bad, is it? I made one pair of culottes and the others are cut out, ready to be sewn together. That tote bag I'm making literally just has to have the handles sewn on and that will be done. So thats as good as finished, right? I continued the exercising pattern that I told you about last week, but I'm thinking this coming week will have to be different, because it has gotten COLD! We'll see how she blows.

This week, I'm planning on the following things:

I am so excited to try a DIY project that I've been cooking up...we'll see if it works! I'll be sharing the deets later this week.

I'd love to hear what the rest of you are planning this week! I also want to hear from others that have recently decided to set some weekly goals...are you enjoying it? Does it motivate you as much as it does me? How do you keep yourself accountable for getting it done? Anyone else struck with the flu this week? It seems to be going around up here, but after all, it is January!

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