Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Windsong Candle

My Nana, my mom's mom, passed away 8 years ago, and if there is one memory that always brings me back to her, it is the smell of the perfume she used to wear. Whenever I am around her sisters, that smell brings me back to many days spent at my Nana's house. For that reason, I {love} the smell of Windsong!

Yesterday I walked into my brothers room, and saw he had a candle burning. (Teen boy + his dog + small bedroom = the need for a candle. Thats all I'm saying.) As soon as I walked in, I exclaimed, "WHERE did you get that candle???"

His reply was that mom had brought it to his room to light once before. (See? It happens frequently) It had been hidden in that deep hole his bedroom ever since. And his room smelled like my Nana. Wow. Definitely the best his room has EVER smelled.

I hope that he was done with the candle, because I made short work of moving the candle to my room. Let me tell you, that baby is strong. But to me it smells soooo good. And I am instantly transported to my Nana's living room, eating popcorn and watching Shirley Temple movies. I love this candle.

What sentimental things do you have in your home? Any smells that instantly carry you back to your childhood? 


  1. Hi, do you still have this candle or at least the jar? If you can, please look on the bottom and tell me the manufacturer's name? Please email me at Thanks so much, DD

  2. I have worn Windsong since I was a young girl and still love it, my grown son has the same memories as you. As for the producer, It was created by A Russian Pince named Georges Vasili Matchabelli in ?1926). In 1941 Prince Matchabelli was sold to Vicks Chemical Company. In 1958, Vicks sold Prince Matchabelli to Chesebrough–Pond's. Chesebrough-Ponds was acquired by Unilever in 1987. In 1993 the Chesebrough-Ponds division of Unilever sold the Prince Matchabelli brands to Parfums de Coeur. Hope this helps with your answer DD. BGB


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