Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Little Judah-fest

If you don't follow me on Facebook, you miss out on seeing updated pictures of Judah. These things should not be. I decided it was time for a little update on the blog of our sweet little boy! (If you are just joining us, you can go here to read about his introduction to our family.)

He is going to be 4 months old next week, and is getting so big! He loves to play with toys and read books, and any day we expect him to roll over.

He does get a little camera shy though...when he sees the camera he clams up and stops doing whatever cute thing we were trying to capture. Take this clip for example (don't mind me...I have a tendency to just blurt things out randomly):

I got what I was going for the second time around:

Twice a day he drinks a bottle with molasses in warm water to help his bowels (you wanted to know that, I'm sure) and LOVES it! This is what happens when it is gone (don't mind Rachel...she was filming and laughing right into the camera)

How can you not feel sorry with that face? He is also getting pretty good at holding the bottle himself:

He has gotten quite talkative. Justin managed to sneak in and get this clip without him knowing (so its a more true-to life scene and not "oh they have that silver box shoved in my face again")

He recently learned a new trick: coughing. Everytime he sees us he starts "coughing" and laughs when we say, "Oh! You have such a bad cough!" I think he has already learned that he has us all wrapped around his little finger! :)

He didn't do it so well in this clip (of course) but you can kind of hear it:

His other new trick is making this "OOOOOO" sound and shape with his mouth. He pretty much spends all day either coughing or saying "OOOOO". And of course, we do the same...making ourselves look like complete idiots.

Monday and Tuesday it was so warm that he got to go out for his first rides in his pram! He loved long as he was moving. :) Stopping? Not so much.

So there is a little of what Judah has been up to. He is getting big so fast! He also said to tell you that he would LOVE to have some company...especially family from the States. :) (He really said that. Promise.)

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