Monday, April 9, 2012

Gifts and Goals for the Week

So, um, yeah.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I was rebelling against the "no white until Easter" rule and blabbed on and on about that?

Well, I wasn't expecting snow.

Yup, it was snowing on Easter. And so even though that is not an important part of this holiday at all, it is kind of a let down. My white shoes are open-toed, which wasn't going to work in the snow! Easter always seems to mark spring in a way, so it was disheartening to look down and see this:

Ah well. Life goes on. Here is the rest of my Easter outfit, in case you wanted to see it:

We had a fantastic weekend with my grandparents, who were visiting from Maine. We enjoyed visiting, catching up on news, and showing them some of the sights in this area. The only other time they've been up here was last November when Judah was born, and that was a little bit of a busy weekend. :)

Judah enjoyed getting to spend time with his Grammie! :) He isn't always too sure about strangers, but he clearly {loves} his Grammie and Grampie!

I have to share a huge blessing from this week with you. I have been wearing the same coat since I was a senior in high school. No joke. And it was really, really worn out. Then a couple weeks ago while burning some brush, I melted two small holes in the front of it. I've been looking all winter for a replacement, but nothing that worked was ever on sale. Then yesterday, a lady at church gave me one!

It fits perfectly. It is used, but barely worn. It will probably last me another 6 years! Praise the Lord for the way He answers prayers and meets our needs!

Here are the other blessings I added to my 1,000 gifts list this week. There is alot! God's blessings and provision have been so evident and abundant:

276. Winning coffee
277. Fellowship as church ladies
278. Lots of sewing business
279. What God is doing in and through our church family
280. The way my extended family loves and supports each other
281. MSM webcast (who else enjoyed it as much as I did?)
282. Grandparents safe arrival
283. Listening to grandparents and parents reminisce
284. Ice cream treat
285. I serve a risen Saviour!!!
286. New (much needed!) coat
287. How our church family takes care of us

Knowing that I would be having an "off" weekend - meaning that all normal plans and activities would be laid aside so I could spend all my time with my grandparents - I specifically made goals that I knew would be attainable. I'm happy to report that I got most of them done! I might be getting the hang of this goal-setting thing. ;)

Here are my goals for this week...I'm going to really challenge myself to get a lot done!

I'm kind of in love with this color combo on certain things....anyone else?

So there is my week in a nutshell! What are you up to this week? Anyone else feeling a spring crunch and trying to get a lot done?


  1. I loved reading about your answer to prayer! It reminded me of the $10 coat I scored earlier this winter! Praise God for answered prayer- even in the little things! :)


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