Friday, July 6, 2012

June Hot Happenings

It's that time look over the happenings at our house during the last month!

Judah is 7 months old now. How is it possible? He loves playing with toys and is enjoying the concept of being outdoors. He LOVES flowers!

On our recent trip to Maine, Carrie got a happy meal. It has been a while since we've purchased one, so maybe we're the only ones behind on the times, but take a look at the weeny little fries she got!

Seriously, it is pathetic!

I also got to see some life-long friends get married....

And attend the music conference! What a blast! (Notes coming, I promise!)

Lady Susan” by Jane Austen. This is the first novel Austen wrote, but it was not published until after her death. It is an interesting book to read, because the entire content is written as letters! It was a little hard to get into, trying to figure out who is who, and I was constantly flipping back to see what this person wrote in their last letter. It was interesting, nonetheless, and neat to peek into Austen’s beginning writing style.

Joy in Your Heart” by Charles Spurgeon. I love to read the writings of Spurgeon, they are always thought-provoking and convicting to my own heart!
At our noon meal we continue to read aloud. We finished up White Ruff from last month (super great book, FYI) and now we are reading the next in the Little House series: By the Shores of Silver Lake. This is the one book we are missing from this series, but thankfully a friend of Rachel’s let her borrow it! I just find these Little House books extremely interesting, and the girls love them too. We usually read 2 chapters every day, because one just isn’t enough. :)

I considered just forgoing the goals update for this month, but I like to be real and keep things real on the blog, so here they are anyway. I felt like I did horrible last month, which was a result of poor planning on my part! I planned to do too much after I got back from Maine….which ended up being much longer as we all not as much got done. Oh well. Here are the goals I set for June:

 The dirty secrets are these: I’m not quite done “Lady Susan” or “God’s Joy in Your Heart” but I’m almost there. I read the bulk of them in June, so that counts in my book. I figure they will get done when they get done. Also, I was totally prepared to throw the Pinterest and DIY projects out the window, when my fantastic cousin came to the rescue and we knocked them both out in two days. Yay for happy accidents and totally unplanned projects! I’ll post the Pinterest project next week for ya (here is a hint: we cooked something) and as for the DIY project, we totally made a quilt. Yup, we not only came up with our very own pattern but we knocked that bad boy out in two days. And then Crysten made two throw pillows to boot. Call us the quilting champions of June, 2012.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts and notes from the Music Conference this week, and I still owe you a little book review post on Tell Your Time. Its a great book. I’ll get there someday, I promise.

Here are my goals for July:

So there is a quick recap on our month! What have you been working on the past little while? Anyone else looking forward to a busy July??

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