Thursday, September 13, 2012

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat

I can hardly believe it is already time to talk about Christmas, but here I am, talking about Christmas. Yikes!

Before I get into the meat of this post, let me say this: Some people are having trouble commenting on my posts - specifically, the giveaway post from Monday. Of course it would be that one post! I am not sure what the problem is, but let me know if you try to comment and have trouble, ok? I'll enter you to win the $15 credit to Mae's Joyful Noise anyway. I also might extend the giveaway a couple extra days if I find it has been a big problem. Anyway, if you can't comment on that post, just contact me to enter!

And now, on to Christmas...

Lately, my post with free Christmas printables has been a huge hit! (Probably has something to do with that little "free" word, don't you think??) Anyway, I wanted to highlight those printables again for those of you that are so on top of things this year, plus I have some new ones for ya!

Here are the ones I offered last year...

Countdown calendar

Plan your gift giving

And your baking! One of the most important parts of Christmas, lol!

And here are the new ones for this year!

3x5" recipe cards...these would even make a nice gift!

Or a recipe page for a recipe binder, if that is more your jam. Another gift idea!

And a to-do list, because one can't function without it!

There are a whole bunch of gift ideas in printables! You could print them off and make a binder for someone else...or even just gift the .pdf files. You could use the recipe page to make a recipe binder, fill it with your favorite holiday recipes, and give it as a gift to your daughter or niece. (hinthintcough*) Put a bug in my ear and I could even make you a nice cover page to match! :)

These printables are completely free for you lovely blog readers! Just leave a comment on this post (or contact me if you can't leave a comment!) telling me which printables you'd like, and leave an email address for me to send them to you. If you request the recipe page, leave the name you would like printed on it.

Also, anyone who requests the printables will receive a coupon code to use in my shop, just as a way to say Merry Christmas! :) Look for it in your email inbox!

Have you started your Christmas planning yet? Are you like my mother, and you already have all your Christmas shopping done? Or are you still in denial that it is that time of year already?

I Heart Nap Time


  1. Oi meu nome é Priscila e gostarai dos printables.... todos os que você poder me mandar!!obrigadA!!!!e eles são de mais.....

  2. I love all of your printables. Those are all great. TFS!!

    Stopping by from I Heart Nap Time linky party.

  3. i would love all of your free Christmas printables!! thank you!!

    1. oh, and for the recipe page could i have one for me -- D'Arcy and one for my mom --- Joyce :) thanks!

  4. Wow...these look so fun! I would love to have these. Could I also get the other personalized recipe page too please! I have the one with space for one recipe. Thank you! Tiffonie

  5. These are great! Please send me all of your free Christmas printables. On the receipe page - one for Paula and one for Grandma Shahan. Send to


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