Monday, September 24, 2012

Gifts and Goals for the Week - September 24, 2012

Happy Monday!

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That is a little like how I am feeling this morning, haha!

I had a great time at Forest Glen Bible camp this last Friday and Saturday! It is always encouraging to see God work in hearts, sit under some great preaching, and fellowship with some other ladies I don't get to see often. I'll be talking about camp more tomorrow, but overall it was a great weekend!

Here are the blessings I added to my 1,000 gifts list this week:

420. My mother
421. A friends new baby
422. Projects to work on
423. Unfailing promises of God
424. Iced coffee *after supper* - rebel, I know
425. A treasure of a book
426. Counseling a troubled teen
427. Safe trip to camp
428. Free coffee coupon

The only trouble of going away to something as fun as teen camp is that you have to come back to reality! :) Here are the goals I accomplished last week:

1. Finish 3 tote bags - finished 4!
2. Start 2 more - I decided to make a 4th bag completely instead of starting 2
3. Walk 3 times - did this twice. The weather didn’t cooperate again!
4. Work out 4 times - can’t blame this on the weather, now can I? :)
5. Spend 2 hours on eBook - didn’t happen
6. Mending - nope
7. Write 1 email to a friend - complete!
8. Continue to read “Mansfield Park” and “The Embrace of Grace” - read out of both and am receiving such a blessing from the latter!
9. Clean under bed - completed this nasty job! How does so much dust get under there?
10. Go to Forest Glen Bible Camp teen retreat - went and had a great time!

1. Make 4 tote bags
2. Spend 1 hour on new printables - I’m planning for 2013! Stay tuned!
3. Walk 3x
4. Work out 4x
5. Spend 1 hour on eBook
6. Mending
7. Write 1 email to a friend
8. Continue to read “Mansfield Park” and “The Embrace of Grace”
9. Clean in bedroom - I’m specifically targeting under my sewing desk and dresser
10. Go to FGBC couple’s retreat - as a helper and nursery worker!

There is my week in a nutshell! Now I'm headed to get to work on all that stuff. What are you working on this week? Anyone else working on Fall Cleaning? How about developing a winter exercise routine?

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