Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Pendant Banner and Thanksgiving Decor

Besides the pumpkin and apples I showed you in yesterday's post, there was one more DIY project I wanted to complete for this Harvest Supper. This project ended up solving a big headache!

Our church fellowship hall is in our unfinished basement. That means the walls are just cold, hard cement. In previous years, we try to stick posters, banners, pictures, etc. on the large expanse of wall, only to have them fall off before the event ever happens. The walls are just too cold for anything to stick to it for very long!

This year, I had an idea to try a pendant banner that I could string from the ceiling. It worked so much better!

I just tied a long piece of string (like a twine-y type of string) across the back wall.

For sake of time, I printed off large letters on colored paper. I also printed off a light triangle shape, which you can see in the yellow page below:

That gave me nice, even triangles without much hassle. I just cut out the printed triangle, and boom. Done. The font I used is called Party LET, the same one I used for this project.

I had some fun fall fabric that I experimented with as well. I thought about putting a swatch of fabric behind each letter, like so...

Blech. That looked horrible. I ended up just putting a triangle-shaped piece on each end of the banner...

...and one in the middle between the words, just to break them up.

It looked great! The bad-lighting-in-the-basement pictures just don't do it justice!

It was such a quick, easy solution to our previous banner troubles! Now every event is going to have a pendant banner, haha! (I'm not even going to take the string down!)

Besides the banner, here are some of the other decor items we used for the supper.

A lady in our church brought in this display for the front door.

Oooh, lookee, there is my pumpkin!

My apple tea lights turned out great too. I popped each on on a bamboo mat with a ring of leaves. The apples were a little small, because they were just wild ones from our yard, but they still had a great effect.

And once they were lit...ooh, the ambience!

I whipped up some of these candles as well...just a glass dish, a candle we had on hand, some faux leaves and chinese lanterns. Simple!

Here are some shots of the food...and this is before it was even all out!

All the meat...pork, turkey and ham.

The dessert table was full to overflowing!

I completely forgot to take any pictures once people came bad! Just picture empty plates and serving platters, full bellies, and lots of laughs! It was a great night with about 120 people present...probably our biggest yet!

It takes a ton of work to pull off a supper like this, and I am so thankful for all the ladies that pitched in and helped with the decorating and the food. Several ladies were scurrying around at the last minute, taking food out of the oven, setting out serving utensils, and making sure things were in order. We certainly could not have done it alone, it took the effort of several people working together. Thanks to everyone who had a part! We are so blessed to serve in a church where there is unity to work together!


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