Friday, October 12, 2012

Frugal Photo Friday: Food and Fun

I'm joining in the fun over at Money Saving Mom and Simply Rebekah! Every Friday during October these gals are sharing pictures of ways they save money in certain areas. Last week's photo was Bath and Beauty. Today's photo is of Food and Fun!

Here is my frugal picture:

Yes, this is our milk jug! My frugal tip for today is buying local. This doesn't always save you money up front, but it may! For instance, we buy our milk from a local farmer. We pay $4 a gallon. A gallon of milk in the store here in Nova Scotia is $7+!!! So it certainly is a frugal choice to buy local milk!

Besides the immediate savings benefit, we also are reaping benefits physically. Most of the time, buying local means better quality food, instead of highly processed foods from the stores. Milk straight from the cow is much better for you than milk from the store! This helps us to avoid some health problems, which saves us even more money down the line!

If the decision was up to me, I'd buy everything possible locally. But the decision isn't up to me, lol! We do choose to buy several things from local farmers, however, which is savings for us...physically and in our wallets!

What frugal tip can you share in your food purchasing? Do you choose to buy locally grown foods?


  1. I'm a big fan of buying local, but then I always get hung up on bananas. We can't exactly grow those in my home town. haha!

    1. Very true! Some things it just isn't possible, is it? :)


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