Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Things that drive me bonkers

I think I’ve talked about my pet peeves before….but it is one of those things that is kinda fun and funny to read about. We all have ‘em….so stop giving me that pious look, haha! Here is a list of ten things that drive me nuts:
1. People cracking knuckles

2. Shoelaces not tied just the right way

3. Wrinkled clothes (use an iron, people)

4. People driving slower than the speed limit

5. People chewing with their mouth open, talking with food in their mouth, or in any other way opening their mouth with food inside. Barbaric.

6. When my last name is mispronounced, which is all.the.time.

7. When my browser crashes with approximately 50 tabs open (which also happens all.the.time.)

8. Things being uneven...pretty much anything...because I’m OCD like that :)

9. Things that should be organized and aren’t

10. People in my bubble- reaaaaaaaly big pet peeve!

C’mon, admit it...we all have pet peeves. What are yours?

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  1. You forgot food mixed on the plate and people chewing ice. :)

    1. Proof that you should let your BFF write your blog posts. :) How could I forget those???


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