Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Blue Christmas

I did a couple of Christmas projects recently that actually deviated from my red-and-white-at-Christmas obsession. Unbelievable, right? {wink!} They were both just small projects, but hopefully they will get your creative juices flowing and be a help to you.

When you stop and think about it, snow has nothing to do with Christmas. Other than Christmas is in the winter, but that still doesn't associate it with snow. Lots of people live in places where it doesn't snow at all, yet we still often think of snowmen and such as "Christmas decor." I guess it is ok, since Christmas Day is the only day I allow it to snow. {wink!} Anyhow, these two projects involved snowflakes and a blue color scheme. Here's to being different!

The first was our church's bulletin board. You saw how I fixed it up for Fall/Thanksgiving, but it was high time for the leaves to come down and something Christmasy to go up. I chose a design with a whole lot less cutting this time, lol!

Christmas bulletin board

We had the snowflake border on hand already, so I just went with that theme to make things simple. I covered the cork with white paper tablecloth from our huge roll at the church, and securely stapled the border around the sides. I decided to cover up the wood frame as well, to make the board look bigger.

I printed off 4 Christmas bulbs {I got a red one from Microsoft clip art and just colorized it to the shades I wanted} and stapled them with some gold string to help them look authentic.

bulletin board close up

Very little cutting, which was great! I think the end result turned out nice! We are currently using the board for Christmas/Thank you cards the church receives. After Christmas is over, I'll just pop those ornaments off and we'll be good to go for the rest of the winter!

That was my first blue project. The second was fixing up some goody bags for the families in the church I attend.

I made a batch of these Christmas cookies and bagged them up in these cute baggies I got at...wait for it...the dollar store. {Love that place!}

blue and white bag

These cookies are so, so good! Soft, with yummy frosting and sprinkles. I love sprinkles. And the recipe makes around 50 cookies, so they are a great choice when giving them away.

cookies in bag

I whipped up a little label to sign my name to, which made things easy! I enjoy giving a small gift like this instead of just a plain old Christmas card. And using a printable means I don't have to think of words to write in a card, either. {wink!} #nowyouknowtherealme

goodie bags

You can download these labels for your own use if you go here. Obviously, they won't have my name on them. :) You can sign your own, or write personal notes on the back. If you enjoy using snowflakes or blue and white at Christmas, I think you'll enjoy these!

So those are my two small, non-red-and-white projects. Do you like blue color schemes at Christmas? Do you fix up goody bags? Anyone think I should go back to red and white now? I thought so..


  1. Last year I did a blue theme...with the little decorating I did. Actually, it was blue and silver...and I loved it. This year I was going for green but couldn't find all I wanted so the kitchen is blue and silver. =) I was able to use a lot of decorations from my wedding since I had used red and green for my wedding decor (Christmas in July theme). =)

  2. You are SO clever, Nicole. Wish I had time for such fun. Can't wait to see you. Love, Aunt Susan

    1. IF I am clever, I inherited it. ;) Can't wait to see you as well! Only 5 more sleeps!


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