Friday, December 7, 2012

Shop Update: 2013 Daily Planner

I am always excited to be able to add new items to my Etsy shop! Today I have for you a revised and updated Daily Planner package just for 2013!

Here is what this package contains:

Year-long calendar
Personal life goals
Family goals
Yearly goals
Monthly goal sheet
Master to do list
Daily to do lists
Important household info
Babysitter’s guide
Finance record
Monthly bills to pay
Account Log-ins

You already saw the 2013 calender, but just to jog your memory:

I have re-worked a few other printables to make them easier to use, more practical, and larger open spaces for doodling planning and writing!

This last year I used this printable for my monthly and weekly goals (which you see every Monday in my goals update posts):

It worked, but I found it did not work well. I kept it in a plastic sleeve, so I could write on it with a Sharpie and erase it each week. That became a little tiresome, and as the year wore on I found I was using it less and less simply because I didn't take time to erase it!

So, I brainstormed what could be better, and came up with this instead:

weekly and monthly goals

This file contains a sheet for each month. On the left is a place for my month-long goals, and the right side is broken up into 5 weeks, to keep track of weekly goals. Each week has a place for 10 goals, which is my self-proclaimed "limit" so I don't attempt too much and get frustrated when I can't do it all!

Each month also includes a motivational quote or verse. You might recognize this one on January as being my new favorite quote. :)

I also made new sheets for the long-term goals. Yearly ones...

2013 goals

Personal life goals...

personal life goals

...or Family life goals, for those of you with families who may set more than just personal goals...

family goals

When you purchase those, you will also receive a blank copy so you can write in your own categories if you prefer!

The other sheets that needed some tweaking were those old to-do lists. I was trying to keep one running To-Do list, and it just wasn't working, partially because I didn't give myself enough space, and I was constantly running out of room! I also needed something to write down daily to-do lists...I had tried just using Post-it notes, and they just weren't doing the trick!

So I came up with my own:

Daily to do list

These can simply be cut apart, stapled together, and Bam! Instant note pad. Plus, the match my new master to-do list {wink}...

master to do list

You might notice that I included a water intake check-list on the daily to-do list. Because peeps, I have to drink lots of water. I notice a definite difference in my energy level and how I feel overall when I don't drink enough water. So that is just a little visual reminder for me!

Those are all the update printables in this new package. However, the package also includes these oldies (but goodies!):

Monthly Bills to Pay record...

Bills to pay pg. 1 picture

Plus this finance tracker to keep track of all your different accounts in one place {I personally love this one!}:

Ooh, I love this one too. A place to list all your user log-ins and passwords. I use this DAILY for all those weird little places you log into just to get freebies or save $$, ya know? But it is good for the big stuff too (Facebook, etc) if you forget those easily. And really, who doesn't? This is a lifesaver!

accounts picture

A babysitter's guide for when you have to leave your kiddos behind:

Babysitter Guide picture

Store all your family's important info in one place so everyone knows where to find it in an emergency {or just keep it in your planning binder to jog your own memory, wink!}

important info picture

This update package is now available in my Etsy shop. You can get any of these printables separately, or mix and match to make your own package deal. these all as a set and save big! If you need only the updated 2013 sheets, let me know and I'll list them separately for ya.

I'd love to hear what printable sheets work best for you! How many of you use the ones from my shop? If you don't I won't hold it against you. {wink!}

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