Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Goals for the Week, February 26th, 2013

One of these weeks, my blogging week will start on a Monday like a normal business week does. {wink!} We were unexpectedly without internet yesterday, so I come to you a day late with an update on my weekly goals. Happy Tuesday!

Here are the goals I set last week:

Continue reading “Julie” by Catherine Marshall and “The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor” by Dr. And Mrs. Howard Taylor

Get up by 8:15 each morning - actually came close to this, only missed one or two days! Yay for progress!

Decorate and set up for the Valentines banquet

Write one letter to a friend

Work on purging one box of stuff in storage

Memorize 3 verses

Hem curtain for church

Finish one new shop item - can't wait to show it to you later this week!

Begin reading “Salvation” by Earl D. Radmacher 

Practice piano arrangements in preparation for a funeral next weekend. {so many funerals lately!! :( }

Here are the goals I am setting this week:

Finish The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor

Get up by 8:15 each morning

Write 3 letters

Continue reading Salvation by Earl D. Radmacher

Hem curtain

Memorize Philippians 2:22 and review the verses I've learned in Philippians 2 so far

List one new shop item {Eeek!}

Write one post for another site

Even though the week is already well on its way, what are you hoping to accomplish? 

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