Monday, March 18, 2013

Gifts and Goals for the Week

Happy Monday blogging friends! Hope everyone had a good weekend! I did, going away Friday and Saturday for a little friends hockey tournament. So fun, and we stayed in a hotel Friday night which was also very fun! It has been a while since I had an overnight stay like is always nice to get "away!"

The blessings of the Lord have been abundant in my life recently. I am always so awed and thankful that the Lord chooses to bless little 'ol me and bring me even small things that I don't deserve. Here are some things I added to my 1,000 Gifts list this week:

520. Sunlight - longer!
521. First walk in the park this year
522. Listening to “my” waterfall
523. Book from a friend
524. Going away for a night
525. Fun friends
526. A sliver of moon through the clouds
527. A baby’s big smile
528. Sunset over the water
529. Sunshine-y days. {that’s a word...right?}

Last week, I was working on these goals:

Write 1 email

Finish “The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor,” continue reading “The Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill” and begin “Grace For the Good Girl.”

Memorize 3 verses

Continue reading “Salvation ” - see my thoughts so far here

Finish potholders and coasters for a friend.

Begin some bibs for a friend

Finish new shop item

Sort through one box in storage

This week, I'm setting these goals:

Write one letter

Continue reading “The Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill” and “Grace For the Good Girl

Begin reading "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp {recieved this as a gift from a sweet blogging friend this week! I can’t wait to read it!}

Memorize Philippians 2:30 and review all of chapters 1-2

Finish making bibs for a friend

Sort through one box in storage

Practice piano 3 days

Continue reading “Salvation ” - see my thoughts so far here

Work on mending pile

Be up by 8:00 each morning

It is promising to be a full week! What are you working on this week? Anyone else setting weekly goals?

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