Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Party Time!

June has already started (what the what?) so that means it is high time for our monthly Home Improvement Party!

The purpose of this party is to share ideas and inspiration to make our homes more beautiful, more efficient, and ultimately more honoring to the Lord. Does a well ordered home honor God? Oh yes! He is a God of order! Having a blog party is just a fun way to share ideas and glean some inspiration from all of you talented folks out there.

The method is simple {and fun!}: just link up any type of post that has made an improvement to your home this month - a project, organizing effort, cleaning system, new recipe, planning or list making, or even a topical post like couponing or child-rearing. Basically anything goes!

 Don’t have a blog? We’d love to have you share the details of your recent home improvement in the comments!

The party will begin this Friday morning, June 7 at 9 am. EST. Hope to see you - and your improved home - then! =)


  1. Thank you for hosting this Blog Hop! I'm happy to be here. :D

    1. Thanks for checking us out Vashti!! =)


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