Friday, July 19, 2013

My Beautiful new Wallet

Here is a peek at the adorable wallet I picked up a few weeks ago!!

I know I don’t normally share pictures of my wallet - seems kind of odd, right? But I’m trying to infuse a bit more personality into my posts...a little more of “me” than just projects, sewing, etc.

I actually picked this up at a Christian bookstore in Oregon.

I have carried this style wallet for years, and LOVE it! My old one was falling apart, however {it was white with cherries!} and I’d been on the lookout for a new one.

Lo and behold, I found these super cute ones with Bible verses on them! Score!

There were some other prints I liked even better, but this verse caught my eye above all the others. Last year during VBS we sang a song based on this verse, and it has become one of my favourites! When the woes of life threaten to get me down, I try to remind myself - It is the joy of the Lord, not of my circumstances, that will give me strength!

Of course, the happy teal colour doesn’t hurt my feelings, either. {wink!}

Inside, there are convenient spots for money, change, and plastic. If you are the type to carry 65 different credit/loyalty cards, I don’t recommend this style wallet. It only fits a few...but for my minimalist self that is perfect!

I love slipping this thin wallet into one of my medium totes and carrying it everywhere! It is easy to use and leaves plenty of room in my bag for other junk stuff. =)

Do you have a favourite style wallet or bag that you carry? What small items bring inspiration for you?

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  1. What a sweet wallet. It must have made you so happy to find something which was so perfect for you. :)

    Thank you for the comment on my blog. I am so pleased that you liked my free social media icons - they look great on your blog!

    Angela @ A Typical English Home

    1. Thanks so much Angela!! I just love your site, I am learning new things from you all the time!


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